Out of everything you learned as a kid growing up, self-discipline is probably one of the most vital skills. If you have learned this lesson, you’ll reap the benefits your entire life by reaching for and meeting your goals more easily. Plus, you will be living your life at full blast because you won’t have as much stress.

  1. You Won’t Be Impulsive – When you are able to control your own impulses, you tend to make much better decisions because you’re willing to stop and think before doing so. That means you’ll have fewer things to be sorry about at work or school. You won’t skip studying to go out and party; you won’t quit working on a project to hang out with friends; and you will get things done because you won’t create unneeded drama caused by impulsiveness.
  2. You Know Your Priorities – A self-disciplined person is very aware of the priorities they have each day. They are prepared and look over everything in plenty of time to arrange their day to meet those priorities.
  3. You Will Meet Your Obligations – Let’s be clear. Meeting obligations feels good. It’s not a downer or a drag on your life. When you follow through and do something at work or school (or life) that is important, it feels good, and you want to do it again.
  4. Reduces Procrastination – Procrastination is really a symptom of a larger problem – usually a lack of confidence in skills, imposter syndrome, or fear of success. When you have self-discipline, you tend to make a schedule that doesn’t consider your mood or anything but getting it done and done right.
  5. You Don’t Need Passion to Finish Projects – One of the biggest myths of life is that you should work or do things when you feel like it. When the passion strikes is the time to work according to many. However, this is not a good plan. You’re not going to feel passion every single day. When you have self-discipline, you tend to get it done regardless of your thoughts and feelings.
  6. You’ll Be Much Healthier – Due to not eating everything you see, not avoiding exercise, and working hard instead of avoiding work (which is actually stressful), you’re going to be much healthier. You’ll feel better physically and mentally because you’re making better choices.
  7. You Have Better Relationships – When you are not just saying whatever comes to your mind, and when you’re not selfish but are there for your friends and family, you’re going to have better relationships. People know they can count on you.
  8. You’ll Sleep Better – When you get up at a normal time each day, go to bed at a normal time each night, and eat right most days – as well as do what you say you’ll do – you’ll probably sleep a lot better every night.
  9. You’ll Feel Less Guilt – When you follow through in life – whether it’s something you promised to yourself or someone else, you feel less guilt. You won’t have any reason to feel guilty due to your good choices.

When you have self-discipline, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t a fun person or that you can’t be spontaneous. It simply means that you are reliant on yourself, trust yourself, and show this by doing what you promise yourself and others that you will do.