Joanne uses this strategy to get 440 opt-ins…

Per day…

With zero ad cost.

She gives away a free 35 page report with a provocative headline that catches plenty of attention.

Two years after writing the report, she still gets 160,000 new subscribers a year just from the viral report alone, without doing anything.

Of those 160,000 new subscribers, about 9% make their first purchase within 3 months. That’s 14,400 new sales with an average first order of $88.

Total revenue: $1,267,200.

And that only includes initial sales. The real money comes with repeat buyers.

Her current time investment? None.

Her cost? Zero.

What are Joanne’s secrets to making this work?

She offers great content that people want, and she offers giveaway rights to everyone who gets her report. That means they can give the report away, sell it, use it to build their list or do whatever they want, as long as they don’t change the report.

And she gives her customers branding rights to the report, so they can earn commissions when people purchase from the links inside the report.

But only customers can insert affiliate links and make money.

And you can create reports just like this that promote affiliate products, your products, your services or anything you like.

You can get free traffic and sales, your content shared, recognition, trust and credibility.

Viral marketing is powerful indeed, isn’t it?

If you’re offering free reports or free newsletters right now, but you’re not offering rebranding rights, then you are leaving money on the table.

How does it work?

The first page of your report or newsletter is a title page, just like usual.

But on the second page of your content, you’ll say something like:

“Congratulations! Free!

You now own resell and giveaway rights to this report.

By owning resell and give away rights, you may freely distribute this report (or newsletter, book, etc.) to anyone you wish, resell it for any price and keep 100% of the profits, or use it as an incentive to build your mailing list. The choice is yours.

The only restriction is that you cannot modify this document in any way without permission from the author.


Now here’s a twist to earn even more money:

Not everyone is going to want to give away a report with YOUR affiliate links in it. And that’s okay, because you’ll still make money.

After the section above, you’ll write something like:

Hot Tip: If you would like to learn how to make this report your 24/7 “Digital Sales Machine,” then be sure to read the last page for full details.”

You’re going to allow them to completely rebrand your report with their own affiliate links and have a finished money magnet ready to go.

The last page includes a compelling offer for branding rights, and it might say something like this:

“How To Make This Report Your 24/7 Digital Sales Machine.

I hope you enjoyed this free report and picked up your copy of (insert product name.)

Before you rush off to share this report with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, let me ask you a question…

Would you like to get paid a commission when the people you share this report with also buy (insert product name?)

If so, then all you have to do is rebrand this special report with your affiliate ID before sharing it with others. That’s it. You can then post it to your blog, share it on social media, or even use it to build your list.

And the best part is…

Your readers will also receive ‘giveaway rights’ to this report. Which means, if they give it away without rebranding it, you’ll get paid commissions on all of their referred sales as well.”

And then you explain how they order their branding rights from you.

This gives you, as the author, incredible leverage.

Let’s say you’ve written report promoting a new Clickbank product. You make money when people buy the product from your personally branded report, and you also make money when you sell branding rights.

In fact, you can potentially make branding sales rights from every person who comes across your report, regardless of whose name that report is branded to.

And the people who have paid for branding are highly motivated to share your report because they can earn product commissions when they do.

If you graph this out, it looks like a pyramid – a LEGAL pyramid, mind you. I know how fishy that word sometimes sounds, but I don’t know how else to explain how this can potentially grow so BIG for you.

Let’s say you only sell rebranding rights to 3 people. But each of those 3 give the report away, and 3 people they give the report to also buy branding rights, for a total of 9 more branding rights sales.

And it keeps growing like that.

3 people
9 people
27 people
81 people
243 people
729 people

Multiply these numbers by the amount you will charge for branding rights, such as $29, and you see that over time you can potentially earn significant money.

Of course, it doesn’t happen exactly like this. 2 of those first three people never share the report, and the other one shared it to 3,000 people, or whatever. The point is, there is a potential for this to grow exponentially.

Another option is to create a report to promote YOUR OWN product. You could offer free branding rights to anyone who purchases your product, or free branding rights to any affiliate who ‘qualifies.’ You determine how they qualify.

The point is, this report that promotes your product can go viral – super viral – and if it does a good job of preselling your product, it can make you a lot of sales for a long time.

It works as a super hot affiliate tool. Just imagine affiliates giving away your report with their affiliate link inside. You can even create a follow up email sequence to drive readers back into the report and to the product sales page, to increase sales even more.

A third option is to use the free report to build your list. Your offer might be, “Subscribe to my newsletter and get branding rights to this free report.”

A fourth option is to write a follow up report to the first report and offer it free inside the first report. This is another great way to build your list.

Is all of this getting confusing?

Just think of a viral rebrander this way: You write the content ONCE, and it continues to circulate around the internet, acting as your ambassador, driving traffic to your sales page or squeeze page and making you money.

And if you sell rebranding rights, it can make you even more money, both from selling the rights, and from building your own list of subscribers.

Bottom line: If you’re NOT using viral PDF reports, you’re losing subscribers and money.