Living a life of significance is the foundation to a successful thriving business.

It’s all about deepening your compassion and ability to understand others.

Let’s say that two entrepreneurs start businesses on the same day in the same industry. One entrepreneur is out to make a good profit and sell his business in 10 to 20 years so he can retire on the beach.

The second entrepreneur has a vision of helping his hometown by bringing back jobs and pride to the community. He’s lived in this small town his entire life and knows almost everyone.

He’s seen his neighbors and friends – and even his dad – suffer when first the mill, and then the factory shut down.

He’s seen the stores on main street close one by one.

He’s seen the fire go out of people’s eyes as they struggled just to make ends meet.

And he wants to change all that. His new business has the potential to completely revitalize the town and give jobs to everyone who wants them.

He can see the stores on main street reopening, the restaurants full of happy customers again, and neighbors and friends excitedly greeting each other when they meet on the street.

One entrepreneur is building his business for himself.

The other is building his business for his entire community.

Who is going to wake up with a fire in his belly each and every day?

Who is going to gladly, happily work longer hours?

Who is going to do whatever it takes to make his business a success?

Find your cause – whatever it might be – that lights your fire. Then use that as your rocket fuel to propel your business from hum-drum into explosive growth.