So many people have a misconception about self-disciplined people. They think that they’re sticks in the mud and aren’t fun to be around. However, nothing could be further from the truth. People who are self-disciplined tend to be more attractive socially because they’re usually in a better mood and truly ready to be social.

Here are several reasons why being self-disciplined benefits you socially.

  • People Trust You – Because you have a reputation of doing what you say you’ll do, people tend to trust you more. When people trust you more, they want to be closer to you and do more things with you. They can be themselves, and that means a lot to people.
  • Your Relationships Will Be Stronger – Because you are so accountable, and not moody or hard to get along with, your relationships will be a lot stronger. People really feel calmer around those who get things done and stick to what they think is right.
  • You’ll Appear More Confident – Mostly you’ll really be more confident. Being self-disciplined rubs off in all aspects of your life and makes you feel better about yourself and your abilities. Plus, when you’re not making excuses why you didn’t do something, you have more time to feel good about yourself.
  • Your Happiness Makes You More Attractive – Not physically, perhaps, but when you are calm, happy, and have less drama and stress in your life you tend to look better, smile more, and people will rate you as more attractive. Look at past family photos, and you can probably pick out the pictures where you look more relaxed compared to more stressed.
  • You’ll Have More Time – Everyone is given the same number of hours in a day, but a self-disciplined person is better at managing that time. When you do the work you’re supposed to do on a schedule instead of waiting for motivation to happen, you tend to feel as if you have a lot more free time.
  • You Won’t Fall for Temptation – People who have strong self-discipline tend not to fall for temptation. Why? Well, they know that on Friday night they get to have that piece of pie, so why have it on Wednesday? They can wait because they know that the compound effect of making the right choice more often than making the wrong choice pays off.
  • You Can Relax and Enjoy Social Time – If you’re not thinking of work when you’re off work, you can enjoy your social time more. If you spent your day at work procrastinating instead, you might even have to miss social time.

When you are self-disciplined, you can enjoy your social time a lot more because you’re not going to think about everything you’ve left undone. You stick to your calendar and get things done so that when you do have time to be social, you can be social without worry. Your friends and family will appreciate that and feel more loved. When people feel more loved, they are happier, and the relationships will be stronger.