I remember the first time I heard about Fiverr. It seems that the internet blew up because there are a lot of people out there who owns small, digital businesses. These people are constantly looking for talented and skilled people to provide services that they need to keep their businesses afloat.

These businesses range from blogs, drop shipping websites, e commerce platforms, all sorts of service exchanges and your typical online catalog. There’s quite a bit of diversity out there, but all these online business people have one thing in common: They are constantly in need of services.

The big problem back in those days was that everyone it seemed wanted to charge a king’s ransom for their services. It didn’t really matter what kind of service they offered-it might even be something as basic as copying and pasting text from one from to another or from one source to another. Everyone wanted to get paid big time. As you can well imagine, this put a damper on the typical blogging business or online publishing set up. It was a very expensive game to play indeed… until Fiverr came along.

When Fiverr hit the scene, people just went crazy because all of a sudden, you have access to a service website where everything is $5. What’s not to love?

Interestingly enough, at around that time, there was also an explosion of service providers on the internet. It doesn’t really matter where you looked. Maybe you were looking on OLX Locanto, Craig’s List and the other usual classified ads suspects.

A very suspicious pattern emerged. Precisely around the time that Fiverr became big, a lot of people started offering freelance services all of a sudden. We’re talking about a very diverse range of services starting from writing all the way to graphics design and voice over work.

It turns out that these classified ads were actually just re-posts of services found on Fiverr. This is obvious flipping. They would buy low on Fiverr and then sell high on these classified ads websites and forums.

This is a serious problem because it’s obvious that they’re not adding any value. All they’re doing is marking up the $5 service. They would get something for $5 and re-sell it for $50. As you can well imagine, this tracked a fire storm of criticism and it was only a matter of time until people stop paying attention to those ads.

As Fiverr became more and more popular, people went straight to Fiverr. If you’re thinking of re-selling Fiverr services, you have to add something extra. You have to step up. You can’t just re-package the things that you find there and expect people to buy it. It doesn’t work that way. You have to add value otherwise, it’s not going to work out for you.

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