Are you using Instagram as another tool in your arsenal to build your business? Want to turn those followers in to customers and drive traffic to your site? Well here are 5 top tips to driving web traffic with Instagram and getting the best exposure for your business.


Instagram doesn’t give you many ways to link out of the platform. The one way you can do this is in your profile. To add an external link, go to Edit Profile and type your URL in the text field. Using users can add their own link to Instagram and followers are directed to a page which looks similar to the instagram theme but with one major advantage, clickable images. Where customers can buy your products quick and easy. It’s not just useful for purchasing products either you could link to articles and more. Complete with it’s own analytics dashboard helps you track your best performing strategies to give you a leg up on the competition. By tracking clicks on Instagram, You can create a bigger subscriber list and increase your revenue. is a great tool and the uses are endless, youtube, blog, E-commerce. Track the clicks and set up an Instagram style landing page to collect those emails.


Creating an eye-catching Instagram picture with text and Url can drive traffic to your website. Maybe you have an offer you want to tell your followers about or a great new product? Layer it with call to action text and watch the traffic come in. Create a page just for this to monitor clicks and create an email funnel to capture that data.


Videos on all social media grab interest more than photos alone and with studies showing that they push up three more times traffic towards sites it’s probably not a bad idea to look into it. With 1 billion likes been shared every day on Instagram with a short 15 second video now is the time to take a slice out of that pie. And with videos currently only taking 4% of space on Instagram you will have a unique way of hitting clients. A great video showcasing your product can drive traffic to your site, maybe it will even go viral? But remember to have that URL there for all to see.


Much like its mother company Facebook, who bought the company in 2012 for $1billion, Instagram has now opened itself up to ads. Giving businesses the opportunity to target the right demographic to really get cost effective advertising. Including adverts within your Instagram strategy will most certainly guarantee clicks and revenue from conversions. The other great thing about Instagram adds are they are clickable. Meaning customers don’t have to go to your profile to find a link, it is right there in front of them. Letting you track the clicks will help you work out if the type of add and demographic are the correct ones for your products.


There are three Instagram ads you can choose from: video, image and carousel. With video ads over just a normal video the length is extended, you can now have 30seconds to tell your story. Letting everyone know what they’re missing out on. Simple image ads overlayed with text and captions are a more common way of advertising and should be part of anyone’s Instagram strategy. Carousel ads are 2 or more photos working for the same add (you can use up to 4 images). Sometimes it’s hard to tell the story with one picture and the energy and resources to make a video may not be with you, a carousel add is perfect and like the other two includes a clickable URL. To create ads use Facebook’s power editor and start driving that traffic today.

Instagram is fresh and has yet to reach it’s full potential. By reaching out to those who have a greater amount of followers you can make your product go further. We’re not talking about the Taylor Swifts or Kim Kardashians of the world but there are those who will give your brand that extra push, these people are called Influencers. Building relationships with influencers within your niche (whether that’s fashion, beauty, sport) to create effective Instagram content that serves both parties. Influencers are often adored and respected so anything they put out will be well received and trusted by their followers. Be sure to have links from their profile coming to you with a clear call to action.

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Instagram is the next big generator for ad driven content, be at the forefront and with the help of critical data analysis you can see what really works for you and get your brand noticed.