Are you always trying to find new ways to sell your products?

Trying to keep one step ahead of the competition and reap the handsome rewards?

Everyday some new social media platform seems to be begging for our attention and with 400 million users on Instagram, here are 6 Instagram Tools To Sell Your Products.

1. Hashtag identify shoppable content – #inselly:

With this simple idea, Inselly helps you turn your snaps into quick and easy advertisements for products by just adding the Inselly hashtag.

It’s really simple add the hashtag #inselly to the description of your photo, throw in some more hashtags to help your audience find your items and you’re making money.

Time to turn those selfies in to dollars.

Commission free and works with Paypal accounts, it’s a no brainer.
2. Sync across multiple online stores – Shopseen:

With 7100+ businesses already using Shopseen, there’s something special about this gem. Not only can you sell through Instagram by simply adding the price to the caption but Shopseen is a hub for all your marketplaces. Shopify, Etsy and even internet giant eBay sync with Shopseen making it one of the best Instagram tools to sell your products.

Just let Shopseen know about your accounts and it will pull inventory from them all and create a storefront automatically, leaving you with a simple link where your customers can click and pay.

Pricing is based on sales you make every month and the number of individual stores you have. But you can start with one store for free and Shopseen takes a 10% fee on sales from Instagram.

3. Sell through comments – Soldsie:

Soldsie is like that clever kid at school who worked out how to read morse code, it’s smart, real smart. Just by commenting “Sold” on an item, Soldsie can find it and automatically send an invoice to the customer where they can pay by card or Paypal. How clever is that? You can even give details of color and size etc and Soldsie will look for that in the buyers comment.

Soldsie has a variety of pricing plans based on the needs of your store, a basic plan will cost $49 per month, with a 5.9% commission fee on all sales.
4. Connect to shoppable store front – have2have it:

Clickable photos and captions would make selling on Instagram so much easier. Infact the only way to have a clickable link is on your profile. takes advantage of this. Giving your content a home where customers can buy your products. It even has great inbuilt analytics. Your fans like your item’s, then click the link and it’s all there in one place, to peruse and buy. Golden!

Have2Have.It lets you have a free 30-day trial then after that they charge you on clicks. It’s free for 0 to 49 clicks a month, and goes up to $300 for 3,000+ clicks per month. With extra add-ons for inventory tracking and shopping cart services too.

5. Chat online with buyers –

Social media can sometimes feel, hmm, well a bit unsocial. Hundreds, thousands even millions of followers, subscriptions can be a bit impersonal. brings buyers and sellers closer together.

Log in with Instagram and find a more connected way to shop. Got a question? Why not ask it to the person who knows, no middleman, one buyer, one seller, simple.

The app is free but sellers are charged a fee for sales.

6. Create clickable gallery of product images – like2buy:

Similar in many ways to Soldsie, like2buy makes use of the one link you can have on Instagram and drives customers to your store where they can easily buy your products.

A beautiful interface makes the store front user experience great. Customers can also like photos on Instagram and they appear in the like tab on the like2buy app. L2B has some big companies like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, so if you want to play with the big boys then this one is for you.
Selling on Instagram can mean big money. So let your followers know that you are now shoppable with a post, so they don’t miss out.

There’s not a one size fits all tool for selling on Instagram it will depend on the type of business and customer base, but I these are 6 of the best you should be trying out right now.