Acquiring new clients and generating leads is a vital aspect of any business. While customer referrals are always a great way to create more business, there are many other strategies that you can incorporate that will lead to more leads. Here are five powerful techniques that you can generate more leads and double your sales.

Invest in Facebook Ads
Facebook has become an influential player when it comes to advertising. The reason why Facebook has become so popular is that it allows your business to reach your target audience easily. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling when you use Facebook ads in your marketing strategy; you’re sure to generate a large number of leads.

Publish on Medium
Although Medium has only been around for a handful of years, it has become a powerful platform for businesses to get in front of their target audience. Along with being able to import your existing blog content, you can add various links to your landing page, where people can sign up for your blog, mailing lists, or social media profiles. By reposting old and evergreen content to Medium, you can gain a substantial increase in page views.

Start a Referral Campaign
Viral referral programs continue to prove to be able to substantially increase a company’s leads with minimal effort. One such successful campaign helped Harryƕs, a company that sells shaving products, gather more than 100,000 new emails in a matter of a single week.

Create YouTube Videos
YouTube has taken over the video marketing space and continues to be an excellent way for businesses to generate leads. The best way to start your YouTube marketing campaign is by creating an educational video that features your products or services. Once you’ve created your video, then you need to promote it in as many places as possible, including on Facebook, Instagram, with the help of your email list and more.

Start a Podcast
The number of people who listen to podcasts increased by more than 6 million people, which is why adding a podcast to your marketing strategy is an excellent way to generate more leads. Podcasts can be consumed on-the-go, which gives you the ability to tell your brand story anytime and anywhere. Make sure you choose podcast topics that people care about by researching keywords and checking out the other podcasts in your industry.

Your business will always need customers. With these powerful lead generating techniques, will ensure that you still have prospects to sell to.