When most companies think about how they are going to generate more leads, they typically gravitate toward pay-per-click advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, but often overlook the power of YouTube. YouTube can be a fantastic platform for your business to capture new leads. If youÕre not already utilizing the incredible power of YouTube for your business, here are the top three ways you can use YouTube to generate more leads.

Use YouTube Cards to Drive Traffic
YouTube cards are a business’ dream come true because they provide you with the opportunity to add additional interactivity to the videos that you upload. With the YouTube cards, you can add a call-to-action link to your videos and push viewers to take action. This feature was first created for mobile users, so it is highly responsive with any device and means that you can now send mobile users from YouTube directly to your site.

Promote Your Landing Pages with End Screen
YouTube end screens is a mobile-friendly feature that lets you end your videos with a call-to-action. They can be used to prompt your viewers to check out your other videos, playlists, or channels. They also allow you to encourage viewers to hit the subscribe button for your YouTube channel to promote your products, services, website, or newsletter. Your YouTube video must be at least 25 seconds long to be able to add an end screen because it will appear in the final five to 20 seconds of the video clip

Connect with Leads Through YouTubeÕs Search Feature
Including a detailed video description on your YouTube videos can go a long way toward improving your discoverability. The description of your video needs to be optimized with relevant keywords for YouTube, as well as for Google and other search engines. Providing longer and more in-depth descriptions have a much better chance of ranking higher with relevant web searches. This is because contextual keywords are at the heart and soul of YouTube and Google queries. Make sure that you have in-depth and lengthy descriptions that include multiple relevant keywords and keyword variations. You also need to make sure that the first few lines are interesting enough to grab the attention of your viewers. Also, make sure to include links to your website in the first part of the description to increase your leads.

Despite its powerful potential to generate more leads for your business, only about nine percent of small businesses have a channel on YouTube. Utilizing these three tactics will put you ahead of the competition and increase the qualified leads your business sees.