Want to up your blogging game? One way to do this is to think about the hardware that you’re using.

Because while a bad workman blames his tools, it’s a foolish workman that doesn’t invest in the best tools possible in order to get the most from themselves!

So, what ‘tools’ are most important for a blogger? What hardware can help you to work more effectively and more efficiently? Let’s take a look at some good options.

For Working on the Move

One of the most appealing aspects of becoming a blogger is that it will enable you to work from anywhere in the world. And for many bloggers, this will mean working from sunny beaches while listening to the sea lap against the shore.

There are several different laptops and tools out there you can use for this purpose. Many MacBooks will do the trick for example. But the pick for ‘top laptop’ has got to go to the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book i7. Both of these machines are incredibly lightweight while still having the kind of power necessary for video editing and software development.

What’s more though, is that these machines are highly versatile, allowing you to remove the screen and draw directly onto them. That makes them excellent for designers and for designing elements of your blog – because you can draw straight onto the screen in order to create elaborate and high quality images.

Another interesting option though – and one that often doesn’t get considered – is to work on your phone. You can turn an Android phone into a mini PC as long as you have a small keyboard (the Microsoft Folding Keyboard is a great choice) and a small mouse. From here, you just need a desktop environment that you can open a word processor and browser in.

Download ‘Debian No Root’ and you’ll gain access to a complete Linux desktop environment where you can use Libre Office and Safari browser just as though you were on a desktop computer!

Other Top Tools

When you’re working from home, there’s not a huge reason to get a bigger computer. A basic ultrabook will provide you with as much processing power as you’ll need for basic blogging tasks so the only way you might consider upgrading this is by getting a bigger monitor and a keyboard.

A good keyboard is very important of course if you’re going to be doing a lot of writing and this should ideally be something with mechanical switches. Look for a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches as these are widely regarded as being the very best for writers.

Another tip is to look for a big monitor. Studies show that an ‘ultrawide monitor’ can increase productivity by as much as 30%! This is because they are wide enough to let you multitask with lots of windows at once – such as a browser window, Gmail and a word processor.

It sounds small but it makes a big difference.

Invest in your tech because when you do, you’ll enjoy working more. And that will result in a higher quality end product!