If you want to be a top blogger, then you need to make sure that you can inspire others to follow you.

Being a top blogger means being an influencer and a thought leader and it means having a channel – in this case a website – that people rely on and trust.

Part of this comes down to the way that you present yourself. Many of the most successful blogs in the world are led by a strong ‘personal brand’, meaning that there’s a personality behind them that people feel that they know and that people want to be inspired by.

Just think of the likes of Tim Ferriss, or of Pat Flynn.
What Is a Personal Brand?

If you ‘live the lifestyle’ that you are promoting through your blog, then you can become a living testimony to the value of what you’re offering and this will help other people to put more trust in you and to want to listen to you more.

For example, if you have a fitness brand, then you should try to demonstrate to your audience that you are someone who is in great shape and who has fun doing it. You want to show how being fit and healthy makes you happier, more successful in business and more successful with members of the opposite sex.
Likewise, if you blog about travel, then you want to show how your lifestyle allows you to enjoy complete freedom and you want to share some of the incredible places you go.

That way, people will follow you on Instagram and on Twitter in order to live vicariously and they will be more inclined to want to buy from you when you tell them that you used X method in order to accomplish all of this.

But here’s the problem: simply having the lifestyle that your followers want is not necessarily going to be enough. What’s just as important is that you can show that you are generally a great role model and that people should sit up and take notice of you. In other words, you need to present yourself as a role model and as someone accomplished.

And that means you need to take care in your presentation.

Some Tips

This means that you need to start taking care of your teeth. You need to stay in good physical shape and you should probably consider spending a little more money on your clothes. This might all sound unimportant or even irrelevant to the topic of your blog – especially if you’re writing about something completely unrelated like music.

But if you look strong and if you look healthy, more people will listen to you and will want to see your pictures.

In fact, if you take a look at a channel like Kinobody, you might notice that the owner Greg O Gallagher spends a lot of time focussing on his house and his car – and that he often wears great clothes. Did you know that Greg has a personal stylist and advisor who he hired for the channel?

This makes all the difference so start thinking about how you present yourself and what that means for your channel.