How Internet Marketing Can Transform Your Life

Working online has completely transformed my life for the better. Thanks to my ability to make money from the web, I’ve been able to live wherever I want, work out of coffee shops while travelling to other countries and pursue projects that I’m passionate about. I’ve had the BEST last 10 years. On a ‘hard’ day, I wake up at 9am, head to a coffee shop and sit down to write or promote my brand until 5pm. I’ll hit the gym in the morning. I’ll go for a stroll at lunch. And for the second half of the day I might come home and work on the couch.

On other days, I’ll be working while visiting somewhere in Europe. One of my favourite ever memories was sitting in a café in Croatia. It was warm but raining outside and I was with my friend, a fellow internet marketer. It was 10pm, we were sipping beer, and we were both working on projects we loved. As we typed, we watched the world go by and just drank in the atmosphere. The bar was playing Schiller which is how I discovered one of my favorite music artists.

The next day, we headed to Krka National Park and – astounded we could get WiFi at the top of a mountain – sat working, perched on a rock in front of a magnificent waterfall.

Many people live their lives like this by becoming ‘digital nomads’. That means they travel the world while earning a living from their laptops. Others choose to stay at home but just work in the way they want to, this is called ‘lifestyle design’.

I’ve been invited to Silicon Valley where I’ve worked with other tech enthusiasts. I’ve written a book. And I’ve built a successful YouTube channel where I get to vlog about topics that matter to me and then discuss them with just the best army of fans.

I’ve learned to program and built a hit app. I’ve met several of my heroes in person and even had the privilege of working with them.
All this thanks to the power of the web. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to pursue whatever work interests me and do that from anywhere.

And it pays pretty well too!

The web does wonderful things for people. I know countless others who have enjoyed similar success from different strategies. I met a guy at a YouTube event who makes a BIG passive income by selling motivational courses on Udemy. Another friend of mine managed to get his website to the top of Google for the term ‘Make Money Online’. He sold that website, moved to a sunny country and bought a massive house.

And I’ve seen people use internet marketing in order to take struggling small businesses and transform them into hugely successful brands.

I’ve seen people become famous musicians through YouTube, simply because they knew how to create an online brand and then promote it.

The web is yours for the taking, and internet marketing will show you how to take it!