You’re already familiar with social media management – actively posting and monitoring your client’s social media. You’ve got to not only make and schedule posts, but you’ve also got to answer everyone who reaches out via social media.

But there is a similar service you can offer that is far less time intensive, and that’s creating and scheduling content for businesses.

Take Facebook for example. Once a month, you create 60 posts for their page, and schedule it to go out twice a day.

Clients love the service. Now they don’t have to figure out what to post or remember to post it.

And when they have content posting twice a day on Facebook…

  1. They show up in the news feeds of their page’s existing fans more often, reminding their customers to visit their business
  2. They look active and professional when prospects search out their business on Facebook, which can lead to getting new customers
  3. Because they’re active, they show up higher in the Facebook Search Rankings for their Local area, garnering more views and potentially more business
  4. Instead of paying $500 or $1000 a month to a social media manager, they only pay have to pay you $100 – $300 a month for two posts a day.


Brand the content with the business’ logo for a professional look

Pick one niche and stick with it. For example, chiropractors. You can use the same content over and over again for different businesses by simply rebranding it.

Be honest with your businesses that you are using the same basic content, with rebranding. A chiropractor in Portland, Maine, is not going to care that another chiropractor in Dallas, Texas, has similar content. In fact, no one will ever notice. But because you use the same content for similar businesses all over the country or world, you can charge far, far less (you see how this works.)

Create enough content to cover 180 days, and then reuse it. No one will ever notice that the same post went out on June 1st and December 1st. Be honest about this, too, with your clients. Again, this allows you to charge far less.

You and your clients don’t have to settle for just text posts, either.

You can buy ready made packs of content from PLR sites, WarriorPlus, JVZoo and so forth.

Or better yet, you can easily create your own awesome graphic posts using simple online software, such as…

Promo Republic – 100,000 templates and post ideas for Facebook posting. All in one solution for creating graphic posts, scheduling and social monitoring. Free for 14 days, then starts at $9/mo.

Canva – super popular and powerful template-based graphic creation that is drag and drop easy. Free for 8,000 templates, starts at $9.95 for access to 300,000 assets and templates, unlimited storage, custom fonts and transparent backgrounds.

Adobe Spark – best for minimalistic, modern designs. Free for basic features, and starts at $9.99/mo for premium features such as logo upload, branded templates and more.

Pablo by Buffer – quickly add custom images to your social posts with this minimalistic software. Free – Buffer subscription not required, but recommended.

Desynger – design your images on an iOS or Android mobile device. Plenty of features, works surprisingly well and fast on mobile. Free for basic, $6.95 for more templates and assets.

Snappa – best for fast text design when you’re in a hurry. The focus is on the background image with text overlaid, and it works beautifully. Free for 5 downloads or shares per month, from $10/mo for unlimited downloads, shares and social accounts.

Gravit Designer – more advanced social media graphic design. Think Photoshop without the long learning curve. And it’s free.

For scheduling, use a program such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

Once a month, schedule all of the posts for each business. When you’re got these posts already created, you’ll only need about an hour a month for each business.

Put your customer billing on automatic renewal, through Paypal, Stripe or the payment processor of your choice.

This could be one of the easiest – and most profitable – businesses you’ve ever run.