A lot of marketers are under the mistaken assumption that Facebook chatbot can only operate on a one-to-one basis. In other words, when people go to your page and then they click the chat icon, that only one person can talk to the chatbot at once. That’s not true; your chatbot can talk to many different customers at once.

The best part to all of this is that it’s not very resource intensive because not everybody’s typing all the time. Also, the resources your chatbot uses is very minimal because all those messages are already being recorded. It is not doing anything new. It doesn’t require your attention. You don’t have to look over its shoulder. It’s just doing its thing on a 24/7 basis. That’s right, it runs in the background.

That is why it’s so awesome. It’s as if you have started an automated sales system that doesn’t take any breaks, doesn’t seek to organize a labor union, doesn’t need to go to the toilet, or do anything that humans do.

Instead, you have this machine that produces customer satisfaction, and makes people feel that they matter, and ultimately preps people for eventual sales conversions. What’s not to love? And it can do this at many different places, at many different times. It can do all of this instantaneously. It is completely scalable. It is fairly easy to build, and if you have the right platform, it can really scale up your brand quite a bit.

The bottom line behind Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing

So what is the inside scoop on Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing? Well, it really boils down to the human to be validated. Human beings like to be made to feel important. All human beings, regardless of what they look like, regardless of where they come from, regardless of what they believe, like to be made to feel that they matter.

And the great thing about Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing is that regardless of the fact that your business is closed after regular business hours, your chatbot will always be open 24/7. For whatever reason, your prospects need to get a hold of you, they will get information that they need to get further information.

The automated response they get from the chatbot will then have trigger words that they can use to find a more specific piece of info. They’re not left high and dry. You’re not leaving them hanging. They feel that you are attending to them. They feel that you are listening to them, and this can translate to massive competitive advantage.

Please understand, the vast majority of competing brands out there simply tell their prospects to come back. I’ve got bad news for them; those people are never coming back. How come? Other competitors are more responsive. Other competitors will give them the time of day, and give them what they’re looking for and that’s why they will never come back.

Don’t be one of those competitors. Instead, be the brand that makes your niche prospects feel that they matter. Speak to their needs and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything ever again. You wouldn’t have to worry about generating sales. You wouldn’t have to worry about spreading your brand, because people will become your brand evangelists, because of the fact that you treated them so well.

Now, this is all automated, and it’s done using software, but you still treated them the way they deserve to be treated.