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Author: Danitra

How Self-Discipline Benefits You at Work and When You Study

Out of everything you learned as a kid growing up, self-discipline is probably one of the most vital skills. If you have learned this lesson, you’ll reap the benefits your entire life by reaching for and meeting your goals more easily. Plus, you will be living your life at full blast because you won’t have as much stress. You Won’t Be Impulsive – When you are able to control your own impulses, you tend to make much better decisions because you’re willing to stop and think before doing so. That means you’ll have fewer things to be sorry about at work or school. You won’t skip studying to go out and party; you won’t quit working on a project to hang out with friends; and you will get things done because you won’t create unneeded drama caused by impulsiveness. You Know Your Priorities – A self-disciplined person is very aware of the priorities they have each day. They are prepared and look over everything in plenty of time to arrange their day to meet those priorities. You Will Meet Your Obligations – Let’s be clear. Meeting obligations feels good. It’s not a downer or a drag on your life. When you follow through and do something at work or school (or life) that is important, it feels good, and you want to do it again.Reduces Procrastination – Procrastination is...

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Viral PDF Case Study: 160,000 New Subscribers

Joanne uses this strategy to get 440 opt-ins… Per day… With zero ad cost. She gives away a free 35 page report with a provocative headline that catches plenty of attention. Two years after writing the report, she still gets 160,000 new subscribers a year just from the viral report alone, without doing anything. Of those 160,000 new subscribers, about 9% make their first purchase within 3 months. That’s 14,400 new sales with an average first order of $88. Total revenue: $1,267,200. And that only includes initial sales. The real money comes with repeat buyers. Her current time investment? None. Her cost? Zero. What are Joanne’s secrets to making this work? She offers great content that people want, and she offers giveaway rights to everyone who gets her report. That means they can give the report away, sell it, use it to build their list or do whatever they want, as long as they don’t change the report. And she gives her customers branding rights to the report, so they can earn commissions when people purchase from the links inside the report. But only customers can insert affiliate links and make money. And you can create reports just like this that promote affiliate products, your products, your services or anything you like. You can get free traffic and sales, your content shared, recognition, trust and credibility. Viral marketing is...

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Each baby step forward you take is still a step forward

Let’s get one thing clear, we have been conditioned by society and technology to expect big results in as little time as possible. Anything from 15 minute pizza delivery guarantees to 2 day prime Amazon deliveries to instant online downloads, we want the biggest and best things in life in minutes. In fact, some of us have become so impatient that we expect the very best things life has to offer delivered yesterday. Talking about setting ourselves up for a letdown. There are many challenges in your life that will take quite a bit of effort, attention and energy. You may be going through school. You may be trying to earn a degree. You may be trying to get your dream job. You may be trying to convince your boss to give you a well earned raise or promotion. Whatever form the challenge takes, please understand that it’s something you have to work on. It’s something that often takes a long time. This is what trips many people up. We live in a world that is increasingly impatient. As recently as 10 years ago, it was perfectly acceptable for pizza shops to deliver pizza in 30 minutes or else it’s 100% free. Do you think that’s still the case in most metropolitan areas in the United States? Absolutely not. Today, we have reached a point where if your pizza...

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Refusing to expect big starts is one of the keys to success

I remember the first time I learned how to ride a bike. After several false starts that involved me and my brother scraping our knees and becoming bloody messes, we were able to stay on that bike. It was one of the happiest days of our lives. There’s just something about that “I did it” moment when you push on one pedal then the other and it quickly dawns on you that you won’t fall off the bike (and hurt yourself again). I suppose it’s close to the feeling of a bird flying off its next for the first time. Sadly, far too many of us quickly go from the thrill of discovery and achievement to the expectation that now we can do the most extreme version of whatever it is we achieved. Talk about getting ahead of ourselves. But we do it anyway. The interesting thing about my biking experience was that we automatically assumed that the next day, we can race in the tour de france. We basically racing all around the block. We were biking long distances. We shot out of the gate, so to speak. Here’s the problem. Regardless of how excited you may be when you first learned something, please understand that at first, there will be challenges. Don’t expect things to go smoothly. They often never do. This should not be a surprise....

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Constantly challenge yourself to maintain your confidence

You have to understand that if you want to build your self confidence, you have to actually do something. When you do anything, you lay the foundation for increasing levels of self confidence. How come? When you decide to do something and try to get good at it, you start picking out the patterns. You start figuring everything out by breaking things and processes into parts. You start seeing the relationship of these parts and you’re able to connect the dots. Sooner or later, you are able to know the process like the back of your hand. Now, here’s the thing. Most people don’t do things that way. Most people would rather take things on a superficial level and call it a day. What do you think happens when you get compared to those people? You are able to do things more effectively and efficiently. Most importantly, you are able to optimize your skills so every single day you’re at the job, at school or anywhere else, you increase the value you get from your daily interactions. You stand out from the crowd. It becomes obvious to anyone looking at you or looking at your co-workers that you are not just going through the motions. You are actually doing things to take things to the next level. You go beyond the call of duty. You’re constantly challenging yourself and...

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