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Month: August 2019

How to Get Rich Selling $9 Products

If you run a WSO and sell 2,000 copies of a $9 product, how much have you made? Odds are, you’ve made $0. Even if you have upsells, you’re still probably walking away with a few hundred dollars at best. Why didn’t you make money on the $9 product? Because you gave away all or nearly all of the $9 to encourage affiliates to promote the product in the first place. Then… what’s the sense in even selling the $9 product? One word – buyers. You now have a list of BUYERS, people who are PROVEN to spend MONEY on products in your niche. And if your product is good, then you’ve proven to them that you can deliver on your promises. Now you can sell them your $297 course, your $500 coaching, or recommend affiliate products. Sell 10 $297 courses, and you’ve made $2,970. Sell 100 $297 courses, and you’ve made $29,700. Selling 10 coaching spots at $500 a month, and you’re making another $5,000 a month. You get the point. The money is still in the list. And if you have a list of BUYERS, then your list is gold. Treat it with care, and the list you build will continue to pay you for months and even years to...

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Facebook Groups Secrets

Marketing through Facebook Groups is one of the trending approaches nowadays. In this article, we will discuss below Facebook Group Secret topics – The Difference Between a Facebook Page and GroupThe Go To Market Technique for Facebook GroupsThe Power of Communities in Marketing Through Facebook GroupsTop Facebook Group Settings You Need to ConsiderWhy Your Facebook Group Isn’t Thriving The Difference Between a Facebook Page and Group So, you want to start promoting your business on Facebook? The question now is whether you should create a Facebook page, a Facebook group or both! And the answer is of course both. But in order to make the most of this strategy, you also need to understand what the top benefits of each are and how they are different. Here are some key differences between Facebook pages and Facebook groups. The Basics The idea of a Facebook page is to provide your business with a kind of ‘shop window’. This is a largely static page that includes a call to action, a description, a photo, etc. While your followers can post on your page, you are likely to do the majority of the posting and they will then comment on those posts or react. The best feature of a Facebook, is that people can share the things you post and this will then promote those posts to their own social networks. If...

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$3,000 a Month in Passive Income

Here’s a great system for earning passive income. You’re already familiar with regular affiliate programs, but did you know there are two-tier affiliate programs as well? For example, you introduce a fellow affiliate to a product on a two-tier affiliate program. They sign up to promote it from the link you give them, and then 10% of all their sales goes to you. That’s right – you make a commission on everything they sell because you signed them up for the program. ClickBank, for example, has many of these programs. If you manage to sign up a big marketer and that marketer makes $20,000 in sales, you’ll make $2,000 just for having signed her up. Not bad. However, it’s going to be rare that you manage to sign up such a big promoter. So instead, how about signing up plenty of smaller marketers? Here’s how you might do it, and how I’ve seen it done: Research two tier affiliate programs and find as many as you can in your niche. Usually this is going to be the online marketing niche, but it is possible to find them in other niches as well. Write email sequences for each of the products. You might write out 5 to 7 emails for each. Sell these emails in a big package to fellow marketers. Inside each package, provide your links where the buyers...

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Goal Setting That Actually WORKS

By now I’m sure you’ve learned in life that having a goal isn’t enough. You set a goal, you get all excited, you feel like you’ve already accomplished something, and a week, a month or a year later, you are no closer to the goal than you were before. What happened? First, the setting of the goal gave you immediate satisfaction, so that you didn’t feel you needed to do any more at that point. Sure, you’d have to work on your goal later, but for the moment, you felt good. And that inertia of the false feeling of already having accomplished something kept you from moving forward. Second, if and when you did come back to work on the goal, you realized it wasn’t just a goal. It was a fat, hairy GOAL with teeth! It was big and scary and overwhelming and hey, couldn’t you get started on it tomorrow? But of course! And so, you very likely didn’t even begin. If you did get started (good for you, because 2 out of 3 people never even get that far) then you soon felt so overwhelmed, you set it aside for later. And that ‘later’ never came. But… if you have MILESTONES to achieving your goal, then you can – wait for it – ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL. Think of crossing a wide stream of rapidly moving water....

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How To Turn a $7 Sale Into a $1,000 Sale

Here’s something most marketers never do, which is a shame. They’re losing a great deal of money because of it. What happens when you purchase a $7 ebook or a $19 video, and you have a question? You email the person who sold it, and one of two things occurs… either their assistant answers you or you get ignored. Go ahead and try it, I dare you. 9 times out of 10, or perhaps even more often than that, you will never hear from the product creator herself. Yet what happens if you respond to questions from your own customers? First, you know what they’re asking. If you see a trend, such as several people asking the same question, then you’ve just discovered something. It’s either a gap in your product that needs filling, or it’s the opportunity to create a second product that is almost guaranteed to sell. But that’s not why I’m advocating you answer your own emails. Something else magical happens when you respond to customer questions… Your customers are pleased. SO pleased, in fact, that YOU took TIME to answer them, that they will often spend more money with you. I’ve sold a $3,000 coaching course to someone who had a question about a $7 ebook. And I’ve done this multiple times. I’ve also counseled customers that the big expensive product wasn’t right for them....

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