Here’s something most marketers never do, which is a shame. They’re losing a great deal of money because of it.

What happens when you purchase a $7 ebook or a $19 video, and you have a question? You email the person who sold it, and one of two things occurs… either their assistant answers you or you get ignored.

Go ahead and try it, I dare you. 9 times out of 10, or perhaps even more often than that, you will never hear from the product creator herself.

Yet what happens if you respond to questions from your own customers?

First, you know what they’re asking. If you see a trend, such as several people asking the same question, then you’ve just discovered something. It’s either a gap in your product that needs filling, or it’s the opportunity to create a second product that is almost guaranteed to sell.

But that’s not why I’m advocating you answer your own emails. Something else magical happens when you respond to customer questions…

Your customers are pleased. SO pleased, in fact, that YOU took TIME to answer them, that they will often spend more money with you.

I’ve sold a $3,000 coaching course to someone who had a question about a $7 ebook. And I’ve done this multiple times.

I’ve also counseled customers that the big expensive product wasn’t right for them. They’re so happy to find an honest marketer, that they go on to buy something else almost as expensive.

I can’t tell you how much extra money I’ve made by simply answering emails myself, but it works wonders.

And don’t be afraid to jump on Skype, too. Make it clear up front that you only have 5 minutes. But of course, you can always go longer if you choose to.

This is a secret I’ve seldom told to anyone, namely because I like being the marketer who, in contrast to others, does this…

Because it pays really, really well.