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Month: January 2018

How to Design a Great Logo for Your Brand and Your Website

How to Design a Great Logo for Your Brand and Your Website Having a logo for a website is a highly important feature that will help you with your long-term marketing strategies as well as having a large impact on the way your website looks and feels to viewers from the offset. You know what they say about first impressions! Your logo or heading will not only most likely be present on every single page, but will also become an identifier for your website so that you can use it in your advertising and in your other online strategies. The question is though, how do you go about creating your logo/heading and what should you include to ensure that it looks the very best it can? Here we will look at both the practical and design elements of coming up with an image that will work. Color Scheme First of all, you need to think about the color scheme of your logo. This is a highly important thing to consider for your website because it is going to likely dictate the color scheme of the entire site in order to strengthen the impact of the brand and in order to create a more cohesive feel to the website. While the colors in your site and in your logo don’t have to be the exact same, if they don’t at...

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How to Create the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

Using the right e-mail marketing campaign, you can reach a huge number of people without them even having to come to you. You can message them right in their inboxes which they’ll probably check on a daily basis, and you’ll be able to convey as much information as you want to them right there and then while you have their attention. The effectiveness of this strategy though of course depends on many factors, and just because you have their attention doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make sales. Firstly you of course need to be able to maintain that attention for long enough for them to actually take your message on board. Then there’s the fact that your message needs to be convincing enough to actually make them want to buy your product or sign up to your service, and the fact that a lot of e-mails will get deleted before they even get read. Fortunately, this is a science more than it is an art, meaning that it can be tested, fine-tuned and hones. Here we will look at the methods you need to use in order to make your e-mails more convincing and more likely to convert your leads into paying customers. Testing The most important way to improve your e-mail marketing campaign is to be able to test and measure its success over time. In other...

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How Internet Marketing Can Transform Your Life

How Internet Marketing Can Transform Your Life Working online has completely transformed my life for the better. Thanks to my ability to make money from the web, I’ve been able to live wherever I want, work out of coffee shops while travelling to other countries and pursue projects that I’m passionate about. I’ve had the BEST last 10 years. On a ‘hard’ day, I wake up at 9am, head to a coffee shop and sit down to write or promote my brand until 5pm. I’ll hit the gym in the morning. I’ll go for a stroll at lunch. And for the second half of the day I might come home and work on the couch. On other days, I’ll be working while visiting somewhere in Europe. One of my favourite ever memories was sitting in a café in Croatia. It was warm but raining outside and I was with my friend, a fellow internet marketer. It was 10pm, we were sipping beer, and we were both working on projects we loved. As we typed, we watched the world go by and just drank in the atmosphere. The bar was playing Schiller which is how I discovered one of my favorite music artists. The next day, we headed to Krka National Park and – astounded we could get WiFi at the top of a mountain – sat working, perched on...

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Content Marketing for Commercial Businesses – How to Create a Blog, Even if You’re a Boring Business

Content marketing is more and more becoming the most effective way to promote any kind of business or website online and should be a crucial part of your strategy. But why is it so important, and how do you make sure to do it successful? Especially if your business is not something particularly gripping…? How it Works and Why it Matters The biggest mistake that most businesses make when trying to promote their businesses online is to focus too much on the short term. That is to say that they look at their internet marketing through the lens of how many conversions they can get from any given media strategy. This then results in them posting what are essentially adverts then getting confused as to why no one clicks on them. What’s far more important is to think about the long term, and about establishing trust and influence in your chosen niche. If you read a few articles on a site about how someone made X amount of money and those articles are well written, insightful and inspiring, then you’re going to return to that website when you feel in the mood to buy a book on making money. The same goes for a site that writes about home improvement and also offers some DIY services. If you’ve read content there before and you know they know what they’re...

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2 Crucial Tips to Get More People to Join Your Mailing List

Most people who run a website don’t seem to realize just how valuable their traffic is. Don’t believe me? Then just look at all the people using Google AdWords and similar PPC adverts on their pages. These ads will fill up their pages and literally direct traffic away from their site, but all they’ll get in return is usually a few cents. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that if those advertisers are willing to pay that much for your visitors, they must be worth more than that. While PPC might be a good way to make some...

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