Mobile marketing is mostly so effective because users carry their phones everywhere. They have them with them almost 24/7 – even when they go to bed or the toilet. It seems amazing to have such unprecedented access to your customers, but that’s what mobile marketing does for you.

Users Carry Their Phones Everywhere

Whether your customer is at work, on the bus, watching TV, shopping, or just hanging out, they typically have their smartphone with them. Because of this, you can contact them at any time. This offers you access to your audience at a time when they’re getting ready to purchase something they want.

It Works Fast

Most people open their SMS and text messages within seconds. This is an amazing point to consider as you focus your marketing efforts on mobile marketing. When you have quick access and you send the right message, you will get a lot of good responses seamlessly. It’s going to make a huge impact on your marketing results.

Personal and Direct Communication

Since you’re dealing one-on-one with your audience when using mobile marketing, more so than any other method, it’s much more personal and direct. You’ll be able to text them or send them messages within a special app, meaning you can get very personal with your audience using mobile marketing.

Response Rate Higher Than Traditional Media

The average response rate (in general) for different types of advertising is between 1 and 3 percent, but with SMS the response rate is about 15 percent. This is an amazing response rate. It can be attributed to the fact that any customer who wants to interact with you on mobile is a bigger fan than those who don’t give you that info.

Great for Location-Focused Campaigns

One thing that mobile is so good for is that it’s aware of your location due to GPS. Imagine how useful that is. If your audience is traveling down the road looking for your option, they will get notified if you’ve set up your ads right.

It’s Cost Effective

Currently, mobile marketing is a lot less expensive than regular ads and marketing, both online or offline. You can probably save about 30% over other types of online marketing, but even more compared to traditional TV or newspaper ads.

More Customer-Centric Data Available

One of the biggest advantages of mobile marketing is the amazing unique individual metrics you can collect for each user, which you cannot do with other types of marketing – especially traditional radio, TV, and newspaper ads.

Easy Opt-In Marketing That Works

Customers love opting in for coupons, discounts, and interesting information that solves their problems. The more personalized you can make the deals, the better they work. By studying the metrics of your audience, you’ll be able to narrow down the information you give to them and make it more personal.

Increases Brand Loyalty

Mobile enables you to serve your customers anytime and anywhere. You can send much more personalized messages, offer them coupons, and ask them to share their reviews of your business right as they’re using it.

If you haven’t tried engaging your audience with a mobile marketing-focused campaign yet, it’s time to do it. Today, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are outselling personal computers at a rate that continues to climb. Plus, there are more types of mobile internet-connected devices coming out every day that will probably prove to be game changers in the mobile marketing space, such as household assistants like Echo and Alexa.