I remember the first time I got into affiliate marketing. I ran into an online community and it seems like everybody was in agreement. It felt like I was in a chorus. Everybody kept saying the same things. Everybody kept recommending the same things.

As you can well imagine, when I started more than a decade ago, the common refrain was “Content is king.” You keep hearing it over and over again. “Content is king.” Some people even exaggerate and say that “Content is emperor.”

That was all I needed to hear and I cranked out a tremendous amount of content. I don’t mean to brag but I’m a pretty decent writer. So, I found all my target keywords and I just blasted out as much content as I could based on those keywords. The materials that I produced were highly readable; they addressed certain issues; they spoke to the needs of my intended readers.

I thought I did everything right. I thought everything was in the right place. I thought that I put in the right amount of time, effort, and focus on a solid and comprehensive online publishing strategy.

This is why I was really disappointed when after publishing my one thousandth article, I realized that I wasn’t making much money at all. All that time, effort, and energy seemed wasted.

As you can well imagine, I was about to throw in the towel. I felt I let myself down. I felt that this was just a massive waste of time.

That’s when I discovered the power of branding. I quickly realized that if you are one of tens of millions of online publishers, you’re not going to go far in this game. There are just too many of you.

When people type in a search query on Google, they go through different websites and if these websites don’t build solid brands¸ they are generic. They’re one and the same. Well, at least that’s how it feels to the searcher. There’s really nothing distinguishing these websites.

That’s how I discovered the power of branding because if you build a solid brand, you give your visitors a reason to come back. Better yet, you give them a reason to evangelize whatever it is you are promoting.

Wouldn’t you want to build a massive army of unpaid marketing volunteers? That’s precisely what happens when you build a community around your brand.

The problem is it’s very easy to think of content in very restricted terms. Content is not just limited to the articles and blog posts you publish online. It also involves your interactions in comment sections, how you engage with other influence leaders, as well as your guest posts. It also involves your social media replies as well as the specific official posts you put on your social media account.

All of these bits and pieces create a mosaic of your online brand. Be very mindful of every move you make online. They either build you up or they can start tearing you down. The worst part to all of this is that you are the last to know.

Do yourself a big favor. Start building a brand on Day 1. Everything you do can either hurt or help your brand. Build a brand that would withstand the test of time.

If you want to know how to figure this out, click here for the blueprint that you need to build a high-tickets sales brand online.