Make no mistake, people love using promo codes, they really do. I’m not even just talking about people saving money, I mean that goes without saying. But what’s so awesome about promo codes is that they give people a sense of reward.

It’s as if they were loyal enough to you, to stick to you, and try to keep in touch through your mailing list. When they take that extra step by always be in touch with your brand, you reward them with these promo codes that you obviously don’t share with other people. At least that’s their understanding.

From your end, you want as many people to know about the promo codes as possible, because the more people use the promo codes, the more sales you generate. But they don’t need to know that, you can position the promo code as some sort of “special seating” between the elite people who were loyal enough to your brand to sign up for your mailing list and your company.

Little do they know that you’re basically moving heaven and earth to get as many people to know about your promo codes because, hey, you want to maximize your sales. Still, you cannot underestimate the power of this special feeling of being rewarded with some sort of inside info.

You have to understand that at a certain level, regardless of whatever it is you are selling, it’s very easy for your industry to be looked at as essentially generic. In other words, if they have seen your business once, your buyers can get the impression that they’ve seen your type of business everywhere else. This is called the Generic Effect.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling writing services, or you’re selling coffee. It’s very easy to see that if they can buy it from you, they can buy it from somewhere else. You need something to stand out from the crowd. You need to make your brand appear distinct from the competition.

You don’t want to become another face in the crowd. That’s a losing strategy, because ultimately, the discussion will be all about price and not much else. That is loss indeed. You don’t want to compete based on price, you want to compete based on how special you make people feel, as well as the brand values that your brand brings to the table.

This is not speculation, nor is it just worthless talk. This can make or break your business. Please understand that a Prada bag is not much different from a bag you can bag at a discount store.

Sure, they’re both made out of leather, both have good design, but one bag, by virtue of having a tag that says Prada on it, is worth thousands of dollars. The other bag has the tag that says Made in China, and is worth south of 50 bucks. But for all intents and purposes, they are the same.

But people are bending over backwards to pay thousands of dollars for that Prada bag. This is the power of branding. This is why you need to make people feel emotionally invested in your brand, and one way to do this is to use local promo codes.

Facebook Ads to the rescue

When you take out local Facebook Ads, you can make your promo codes spread like wildfire. You can promote your promo codes by positioning it as a reward. The key here is to get people to sign up for your mailing list first, and then give them the promo code. That way, it’s perceived as a reward.

People won’t get this impression if you automatically treat everybody the same. There’s no sense of exclusivity. So if you play this game right, you can use fairly cheap local Facebook Ads to turbo charge the popularity of your promo codes.