So you have set up your YouTube vlog channel with great channel art and uploaded some high quality optimized videos that your audience wants.

What more can you do to promote your YouTube vlog channel?

Well quite a lot actually.

In this article we will show you some great ways to get the word out about your vlog.

Ask your Friends and Family to Share and Subscribe

This is a great place to start. Make a list of everyone that you know and then contact them using either social media or email and tell them that you have a new YouTube vlog channel.

Ask them to do you a favour by subscribing to the channel, watching a few of the videos and then sharing some of the content on social media.

It is really hard to get your first 100 subscribers so ask your friends and family to go into bat for you.

Be upfront with them and tell them that they will help you to achieve this first important milestone.

Ask them to encourage their friends and family to help too.

Use your Social Media Profiles to tell everyone about your Vlog

Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days so no matter how many friends you have, post your videos and ask them to visit your vlog channel, watch some videos, subscribe and share with their friends.

Not everyone will do this but some certainly will.

Again you can tell them that you want to achieve a specific milestone and that you would really appreciate their support.

Put the same message out on Twitter, Instagram and any other social media profiles you have.

Find and Collaborate with other Vlog Owners

You can really give your vlog a promotional boost by working with other vloggers in the same or related niches.

Maybe you could create some special videos together?

You can use this opportunity to promote their vlog while they promote yours.

Not everyone will say yes to this but quite a few will.

Add a Featured Channel List

This is a great thing to add to your vlog channel page.

You can recommend other people’s channels on your page so that your subscribers will take a look.

You don’t need to ask the permission of a channel owner to do this.

Be sure to add the biggest vlog channels in your niche to the list.

This will create an association in the minds of your subscribers.

You can also find other related vlogs that have a similar number of subscribers to you and add them to your featured list.

Once you have done this send the vlog owners a message that you have done this.

Most will reply and show their appreciation by adding your vlog to their list.

It can also open the door to other cross promotional activities as well.

Do more of what works

The analytics in YouTube are great so use them to find out which of your videos are the most popular, and which videos are not doing well and even making people unsubscribe from your channel.

Create similar videos to the ones that have the most views and likes and take a look at the underperforming videos to find out what the problem is.

Once you know why people didn’t like a particular video you can avoid doing this in the future.