Email marketing isn’t often thought of as mobile marketing. However, today most people read their email when they’re offline. Because of this fact, it’s imperative that you optimize your email marketing campaigns for mobile first. Even for those people who read the email on their PC, by optimizing for mobile first you’ll improve conversions all around.

Pay Attention to the Size of Your Subject Lines

Try to keep your subject lines short. They say the perfect number of characters for a subject line is 65. Try getting close to that (but not over 70 characters) to find out what length works best with your audience. If your subject lines are too long, the recipient might not see the information they need to see to want to open it.

Create a Personal-Looking “From” Name

Your “from” name is important too. Using a no-reply email or a corporate anonymous email address in the return area, isn’t as effective as using a personalized email with your name as the personal return name. This can be more difficult if you’re dealing with a huge corporation but if it’s you and a partner, it’s easy.

Ensure Your Website Is Responsive

In truth, you need more than a website that is “also responsive” to mobile. You need a website that is made to work on mobile first. If it works well on mobile, it will also work on a PC. In fact, optimizing for mobile will ensure you’re optimized for normal online marketing too.

Hook Them Early

In the very first sentence of your email, you should find a way to hook them in so that they want to read more. You may only have three seconds to impress them enough to read the email and then answer your CTA. Use that time wisely.

Edit Messages before Sending

Always check what your messages look like in someone else’s email reader. Many people use Google email, Yahoo email, and other types of readers. Look at your stats to find out what reader most people are using and optimize for that one.

Use Preheader Text to Your Advantage

Within most email marketing templates is the ability to add preheader text to any of your messages. This text shows up when your customer or list member looks at their messages before they click to open it. It’s a little extra information over and above the subject line. You can find it in message properties on

Segment Your Emails Properly

Another way to ensure the emails are delivered to people who want to see the information is to have a way to segment your audience based on their behavior. Send special messages to them based on what they’re interested in.

Craft a CTA That Stands Out

Don’t forget to create calls to action that stand out and get attention. That may include using HTML buttons, or it may include using just the right words that really speak to the reader and makes them want to answer the CTA.

Let Them Share Them

On some of your messages, you can make them more interactive by allowing the reader to share your email messages on social media. Sharing those email messages will allow more people to see the messages – even if they’re not a member, it will encourage them to join too.

If you take these steps to optimize your email marketing on mobiles, you’ll soon see an improvement in conversion rates. Try optimizing each aspect of each email, then run a test to find out if it worked. Use the results of each test to improve the next campaign.