How would you like to:

• Show your customers you CARE
• Make yourself MORE sales
• Reduce your refund rate on affiliate products
• Let your customers know you GENUINELY recommend a product (and you’re not just trying to make a commission)
• Help your customers achieve their goals
• Build trust and rapport with your readers


That’s a tall order, indeed. Here’s what you do…

When you want to promote an affiliate product (regardless of niche) get ahold of a copy. Buy it, get a review copy from the seller or whatever.

Go through it (yes, go through the whole thing) and create a cheat sheet that summarizes the product into one neat little PDF.

You might include a flowchart, steps or whatever is appropriate. This cheat sheet is going to act as a guide to simplify the product’s contents and give the buyer a snapshot of what’s inside.

When you promote the affiliate product, let your readers know they will get your own personal cheat sheet, too.

Include an offer of help via email if they need anything, which will build even more trust and rapport with your readers.

Your sales will increase, your refunds will decrease, and your customers will believe you and trust you when it comes to product recommendations.

It’s a true win-win.

One last thing – when you’ve accumulated several of these cheat sheets, you might want to bundle them together and sell them as a product to your list.

Be sure to include your affiliate link to each product as well.