How would you like to make money, gain new affiliates and a ton of new customers, and in the process brand yourself as an expert and have your own book, too?

You already know that one of the very best ways to brand yourself as an expert in your niche – no matter what your niche might be – is to write your own book.

But writing a book is WORK.

You sit down at the computer, ready to crank out 200 to 400 pages, and you can’t even seem to get to page 2.

Maybe, just maybe, if you stick with it long enough, in 6 months or 2 years, your book will be finished.

Then what? Yes, you have a terrific calling card. “Hello, I’m Joe Smith, author of 101 Ways to Make Money Online.”

And that’s pretty awesome. But book sales – unless you write a best seller – generally won’t add up to a huge amount.


Recently I met a gal who decided she wanted to make money immediately – not after she’d written her book.

She turned every chapter of her book into a stand alone report that she could sell each month as a special offer. Think JVZoo or Warrior Special Offers, and you get the idea.

She used affiliates each month, and even did a whole launch sequence complete with affiliate prizes, bonuses and so forth.

Her goal was to get her book finished, but the idea of waiting until she finished writing the entire book before she made a dime depressed her terribly.

So she chose 12 sub-topics for her book. She made every topic into a stand alone report that could be launched and sold to her list and to the affiliates’ lists.

Her particular topic was blogging, but you can do this in any niche.

Imagine the weight loss niche, for example. Your monthly report topics could be on the best diet, the best weight loss green smoothies, the best weight loss exercises, the best weight loss supplements… you get the idea.

Each of her stand-alone products earned over $3,000. And as she wrote more chapters, she used previous chapters as upsells, as well as offering other products, too.

If you go the traditional publishing route, you could spend a year writing your book. Then you spend another year getting a publishing deal, just to make perhaps $5000 after the publisher, distributor, retailers and everyone else takes their cut. Ouch.

If you go the Amazon route and self-publish, you can definitely do better. But you’ll still have to do all of your own marketing.

When she finally publishes her blogging book (she has one chapter to go) she will have not only made a very handsome income – she’ll also have a large built in audience of subscribers she can direct to her new book on Amazon.

The flood of sales from those folks alone, combined with their reviews, can help to propel her book to the top of Amazon’s search engine, where she can make even more money with her book, as well as getting new subscribers, too.

Her future plans? To do it all again with a different topic.