When you think of making money online through YouTube, you probably think of becoming a ‘YouTuber’. That tends to carry the connotation that you’re going to become an active content creator, film lots of video and probably build a large audience/following for your brand.

This is a great lifestyle that allows you to make money doing something you love, while also enjoying a modicum of genuine fame. It’s a lot of work and requires a lot of skill but it’s also almost definitely worth it.

But that’s not the only way to make money from YouTube. Actually, YouTube can be set up as a very nice passive income model that will generate revenue even while you’re resting. You can practically automate this money-making system and find it’s still surprisingly profitable. Read on to learn how…

Maximum Revenue, Minimum Investment

YouTubers can make money in a number of different ways. They make money from advertising their own products and affiliate products for example but they also generate revenue from PPC ads. These are adverts that pay out for each click – so every time someone clicks on an ad or watches it all the way through, they get a tiny amount of cash.

But while that amount is tiny, if you can rack up thousands of views a day, then it starts to add up. If you have a YouTube video that ranks in the top spot for a very popular search term, then potentially you can stand to make hundreds of dollars a day.

And if that content is evergreen, then there’s no reason why that video can’t keep making money for a long time to come!

Better yet, when you consider that you can probably make and edit a great video in a few hours… there’s nothing to stop you from repeating the formula over and over again until you’re eventually making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Yes, it really is that simple – but there’s a couple of tips that will help you ensure you use precisely the correct strategy!

Quality and Brevity

When making your videos, think ‘quality not quantity’. That is not to say that you shouldn’t make a lot of videos, rather that they shouldn’t be overly long. Google actually encourages YouTube creators to keep their videos to around 3 minutes, as this will increase the number of complete views and thereby drive up revenue.

What’s more though, is that making your videos shorter means that you can make more videos in a shorter time frame and then have more content to upload that will get multiple views. That way, you can take a few days out of your regur gig, film some short videos and then upload them all in order to generate big revenue.

It sounds easy and it really is – as long as you are making those videos high quality (which needs the right equipment and good editing) and as long as the videos are in a popular niche!