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Author: Danitra

How to Create an Instagram Account for a ‘Non Visual’ Business Model

The appeal of Instagram for many, is that it is a visual medium. If you have a fitness business, if you blog about food, or if you are a travel writer, then this is an ideal way to share what you get up to in a way that is immediately eye-catching and engaging. People will see what you share and be instantly moved by it, making it the perfect way to grow your following further. But for some businesses, this same visual emphasis is precisely what they see as a turn off. That’s because some businesses aren’t obviously visual in nature. A good example of this might be law, or perhaps insurance. If you run a life insurance company for example, then how can you express this in a visual way that will be interesting and engaging for your readers? Do you post facts and figures? Bar charts? Statistics? Likewise, if you are a corporate consultant, or an investment firm… how can you encourage people to get involved? The answer is to find what it is that your business is really about and what it is that you are really selling: how does your service or product make people feel? What are the pain points or fears that drive them to buy from you? Understanding this is what will allow you to communicate the purpose of your business through...

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5 Tips That Will Make Your Instagram Account Grow More Quickly

If you’re posting regularly to an Instagram account with beautiful images and you still aren’t seeing growth, then you might understandably find yourself feeling very frustrated. Perhaps Instagram just isn’t right for your business, you may think. Perhaps you’re doing something wrong? Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that organic growth on Instagram takes time. With that said though, here are five tips that can make a big difference and ensure you grow that bit more quickly. 1 Use Portrait Orientation Taking photos with a portrait orientation is generally considered the best practice in Instagram marketing. If not, then you should at least choose square images. This way, your image will stay on the page longer while the users are vertically scrolling, meaning more engagement and hopefully more likes. 2 Post at the Right Time Posting at the right time of day has been shown to be hugely important when it comes to your Instagram success. This way, you maximize the number of people who are awake and who are using the app. Research suggests that posting some time between 10am and 3pm on a weekday will net you the best results. BUT this doesn’t account for global time differences. If you’re aiming for a global audience, then posting at 6pm GMT might just be the smarter strategy. 3 Post Frequently How frequently? Ideally you should be posting...

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4 Top Tips for Better Instagram Tagging

No one thing makes a successful Instagram account. Success on Instagram is the result of a smart strategy that incorporates a wide range of different factors. But with that said, one of the single most important aspects is to consider the role of your hashtags. Hashtags are some of the most crucial elements when it comes to gaining new views, gaining more likes, and generally helping your page to grow exponentially. Here are four tips that will help you use them better. Use Thirty You have the option to use up to thirty hashtags, and the most important tip to take away from this? Use ALL thirty. It’s like being able to play the lottery for free. Why would you play just once, when you could enter 30 times and improve your chances of success by x30? Find the Sweet Spot When you start typing out your hashtags, you’ll find that you see a little preview with suggestions that have numbers by them. Those numbers tell you how many other people have used that hashtag, and this in turn can be a brilliant clue as to which are the best to use. The mistake? Assuming that the most popular hashtag is automatically going to be the smartest option. This is a mistake, because you’ll find a hashtag that is too popular gets drowned out by other identical posts and...

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How To Sell Facebook Content And Scheduling for $200/month

You’re already familiar with social media management – actively posting and monitoring your client’s social media. You’ve got to not only make and schedule posts, but you’ve also got to answer everyone who reaches out via social media. But there is a similar service you can offer that is far less time intensive, and that’s creating and scheduling content for businesses. Take Facebook for example. Once a month, you create 60 posts for their page, and schedule it to go out twice a day. Clients love the service. Now they don’t have to figure out what to post or remember to post it. And when they have content posting twice a day on Facebook… They show up in the news feeds of their page’s existing fans more often, reminding their customers to visit their businessThey look active and professional when prospects search out their business on Facebook, which can lead to getting new customersBecause they’re active, they show up higher in the Facebook Search Rankings for their Local area, garnering more views and potentially more businessInstead of paying $500 or $1000 a month to a social media manager, they only pay have to pay you $100 – $300 a month for two posts a day. Tips: Brand the content with the business’ logo for a professional look Pick one niche and stick with it. For example, chiropractors. You can...

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How to Create GREAT Products FAST

Yes, it’s awesome to give great info, but anyone – ANYONE – can do a Google search and likely get the same great info if they simply look long enough. With this secret ingredient, you can crank out one hot selling product after another. You can make mistakes in the products and people won’t care. You can forget to include everything that should be there, and people still won’t mind. You can even give mediocre information (although I don’t recommend this) and most likely get away with it unscathed. But without this secret ingredient, you can give away the keys to Fort Knox and still be thought of as a mediocre product creator, at best. I’ll get to that secret ingredient in just a moment. First, a look at the mechanics of creating a product… Let’s assume you already have the topic for your product. What’s next? Choosing the format. It could be a PDF, a video, a webinar, coaching, Facebook Group, podcast of whatever you want it to be. In the beginning, I highly recommend you choose the format that YOU are comfortable with. There’s no sense in spending days or weeks trying to master a new format with a steep learning curve, because this will just slow down the process for you. Later on, as you become more proficient, then you can experiment with other formats and...

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