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Author: Danitra

How Minimalism Can Help to Clean and Strengthen the Mind

Strengthening the mind is largely viewed as an internal practice. Yet the outer environment also plays a large role in a healthy mindset. Minimalism is a relatively new phenomenon that can help to increase psychological strength in various ways. Benefits of Minimalism It is easy to understand the personality of an individual by simply seeing the state of their bedroom or workspace. In many instances, these places will be disorderly with significant clutter. This is an obvious sign that the mind of the person is cluttered and messy, not organized and clear. By making a habit of cleaning our rooms and workspaces, we will have a stronger psychology and more space to make decisions. One of the easiest techniques is to simply make our beds every morning or to make a habit of keeping a tidy workspace. Minimalism can also increase revenue to a great degree. It involves cutting out what is unnecessary and focusing only on what works. This has massive implications for business and personal success. Too often, we allow thoughts, ideas, people, and materials into our space that just do not belong. By tidying the places where we most frequently visit, we get into the mindset of organization and clenliness. We then start to tidy up other aspects of our lives. Minimalism for the Mind Aside from material items, what people really need is information minimalism....

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4 Inspirational Business Leaders With Incredible Mental Strength

In order to succeed in the realm of business, mental strength is essential. All of the most well-known leaders have amazing internal resources which enables them to get handle anything life throws at them. Here are 4 of the more admirable business leaders of the 21st century. 1 – Oprah Winfrey If there was ever somebody who could be said to have overcome adversity, it is Oprah Winfrey. She was born into poverty and molested as a child, giving birth to a premature child at 14 who died in infancy. Nevertheless, she became the most iconic African America women of the 21st century and still remains very relevant as a symbol of female empowerment. She becomes the first African American billionaire and did much to change popular culture and sexuality taboos. 2 – Bill Gates Bill Gates is the second richest person in the world with a net worth of over $60 Billion. Gates is the creator of Microsoft and while he still sits on the board, his efforts are mainly focused towards the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates has pledged all of his fortunes away to charity instead of to his wife and children. Gates is more interested in humanitarian issues such as climate change and diseases than just technology. Early in his career, he was asked why he didn’t just give sell Microsoft and give the...

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How to Optimize Email Marketing on Mobiles

Email marketing isn’t often thought of as mobile marketing. However, today most people read their email when they’re offline. Because of this fact, it’s imperative that you optimize your email marketing campaigns for mobile first. Even for those people who read the email on their PC, by optimizing for mobile first you’ll improve conversions all around. Pay Attention to the Size of Your Subject Lines Try to keep your subject lines short. They say the perfect number of characters for a subject line is 65. Try getting close to that (but not over 70 characters) to find out what length works best with your audience. If your subject lines are too long, the recipient might not see the information they need to see to want to open it. Create a Personal-Looking “From” Name Your “from” name is important too. Using a no-reply email or a corporate anonymous email address in the return area, isn’t as effective as using a personalized email with your name as the personal return name. This can be more difficult if you’re dealing with a huge corporation but if it’s you and a partner, it’s easy. Ensure Your Website Is Responsive In truth, you need more than a website that is “also responsive” to mobile. You need a website that is made to work on mobile first. If it works well on mobile, it will...

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3 Ways to Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Mind

The mind is something of a vague concept that can be hard to comprehend. Even scientists disagree on the nature of the mind and matter. But you don’t need to understand everything. You just need to know enough to further yourself and understand how you actually operate, so you can get to where you need to be. 1 – Read and Research The best way to gain an understanding of the mind and of your personal inner psychology is to read and research. There are many amazing books that have been written on the art of psychology and persuasion. But it is also good to read a wide variety of literature, and you might consider reading some Buddhist or Zen material which describes the more esoteric nature of the mind. Additionally, there are some very interesting discoveries that have been made by scientific research about how the mind operates. By reading about the experience of others you can contrast them with your own thoughts and ideas. There are cultures with distinctly unique philosophies and ideas that are opposite to those in the West. Contrast is an excellent way to increase understanding and open-mindedness. 2 – Meditation Meditation is the art of observing your own thoughts. It is the quickest and most widely recognized way to understand your own mind. Even if you are incredibly intelligent and successful, an ability...

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Top 3 Ways to Use YouTube to Generate Leads

When most companies think about how they are going to generate more leads, they typically gravitate toward pay-per-click advertising platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, but often overlook the power of YouTube. YouTube can be a fantastic platform for your business to capture new leads. If youÕre not already utilizing the incredible power of YouTube for your business, here are the top three ways you can use YouTube to generate more leads. Use YouTube Cards to Drive Traffic YouTube cards are a business’ dream come true because they provide you with the opportunity to add additional interactivity to the videos that you upload. With the YouTube cards, you can add a call-to-action link to your videos and push viewers to take action. This feature was first created for mobile users, so it is highly responsive with any device and means that you can now send mobile users from YouTube directly to your site. Promote Your Landing Pages with End Screen YouTube end screens is a mobile-friendly feature that lets you end your videos with a call-to-action. They can be used to prompt your viewers to check out your other videos, playlists, or channels. They also allow you to encourage viewers to hit the subscribe button for your YouTube channel to promote your products, services, website, or newsletter. Your YouTube video must be at least 25 seconds long to...

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