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Author: Danitra

SEO Split Testing

In this article, we will see in detail about below topics on SEO split testing. What is AB Testing in SEO?How Split Testing Can Save SEO’s Reputation.How Long Should You Run a Split Test For?Top Split Testing Mistakes.The Ultimate Quick SEO Cheat-Sheet. What is AB Testing in SEO? AB Testing – also sometimes referred to as split testing – is a technique used in SEO to make data-driven decisions. This powerful strategy can help to avoid mistakes, and ensure that you make only the best decisions when it comes to your marketing. Not familiar with the concept? Then you are potentially missing out in a big way. Read on, and we’ll explore precisely what AB testing is, and why it’s such an important concept. The Basics Essentially, AB testing means taking two versions of something and seeing how they compared. So in this case, we will take two versions of the same web page and then see how they perform. You can then choose to keep the version that performed best, and you can take lessons from that version to apply to your future pages. This is a concept that is commonly used in sales. If you are selling a product from a landing page, then you will probably have a sales script that is designed to convince people to buy from you. The script probably talks about the...

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How to Become an Influencer

In this article, we will discuss about below key topics – How to Sell Big Ticket Items for LOTS of Money as an Instagram Influencer2 Tips for Creating Sharable Content for Influencers4 Tips for Better Influencer Blog PostsHow to Choose the Sponsors You Want to Work With How to Sell Big Ticket Items for LOTS of Money as an Instagram Influencer Lots of people want to become influencers because they love the idea of being paid to make posts on their channel. The idea of getting paid thousands of dollars just to wear a pair of shoes is obviously appealing to a lot of people. But this might actually be thinking small. Because think about it: if a company is willing to pay you thousands to make that postÉ they must be earning thousands more. And if they can do that, so can you! Why should they benefit most from your hard work and good name? The key is to find a big ticket item Ð something you can charge a lot of money for. As an influencer, the best product you can offer is you. That means a consultation, advice, a program, or similar. If you can help people to be more like you, or share your expertise in any other way, then youÕll likely be very surprised at just how much they are willing to pay. Perfect...

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How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Junk

Here is a nice little side business that can yield you some extra spending money. I saw an ad the other day that read: “Do you have unwanted items you’d like to sell on Ebay, but you don’t want the hassle of listing and shipping? We can do it for you and turn your unwanted items into cash.” Guaranteed there are plenty of people out there who would love to have you sell their stuff. You can either split the profits with them 50/50, or simply buy their items outright and sell them on Ebay. Either way, it’s a way you can turn quick profits while you’re building your online...

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Got an Email List? How to Make $1,000 in One Hour

If you already have one or more email lists, and either a Skype or Facebook account, then this might be a way for you to make some quick cash. You need the ability to see when people are online, hence the need for Skype or Facebook. Before you do this, build a quick webpage where buyers can pay you. It should be a private page that search engines can’t index because you don’t want it to be found. The key is that your customers think time is limited – not that they can grab this offer whenever they get around to it. See who is online and send them a private message with your offer. Tell then you’re right in the middle of booking your promo emails for the next week or month, and that you have an opening for an advertising slot in your newsletter’s P.S. section. Let them know how many subscribers you have and the price for the slot: For example, $97 or $197, depending on the size of your list. Don’t be high pressure. Tell them if you don’t hear back from them, it’s all good, because you know you will sell out. If your list is especially targeted or especially responsive, let your prospects know this, too, and adjust your pricing accordingly. I know someone who does this routinely, and every time he does...

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Is This Why You’re Not Making $10K/mo?

This is huge, yet few marketers even think about it until they’re months into their business and wondering why they’re not making the big money. Yet it’s pretty darn obvious to anyone else on the outside looking in at the business. Here’s what you need to ask yourself right now: “Is your business actually CAPABLE of making $10k per month?” And the advanced question: “Can your business be scaled up to $50k a month, or more?” Here’s what I mean: If your only product is a $7 ebook, odds are you are NOT going to crack $10k per month unless you sell the heck out of affiliate programs. To earn $10k a month, you need 1428 buyers each month purchasing that $7 ebook. Then there’s your traffic: Are you getting enough people to your sales page(s) each month to earn $10k per month? Even if you have high ticket items to sell, you still need people who can find and buy those items. If your basic structure isn’t in place to earn the kind of money you want to earn, then it won’t matter what your product is, how great your sales copy might be or how ingenious your sales funnel is. It has to be physically possible for you to make 5 figures in your business, or it simply won’t happen. Think about a car: If you want...

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