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Month: January 2017

How to Generate Passive Income With Minimum Work From YouTube

When you think of making money online through YouTube, you probably think of becoming a ‘YouTuber’. That tends to carry the connotation that you’re going to become an active content creator, film lots of video and probably build a large audience/following for your brand. This is a great lifestyle that allows you to make money doing something you love, while also enjoying a modicum of genuine fame. It’s a lot of work and requires a lot of skill but it’s also almost definitely worth it. But that’s not the only way to make money from YouTube. Actually, YouTube can be set up as a very nice passive income model that will generate revenue even while you’re resting. You can practically automate this money-making system and find it’s still surprisingly profitable. Read on to learn how… Maximum Revenue, Minimum Investment YouTubers can make money in a number of different ways. They make money from advertising their own products and affiliate products for example but they also generate revenue from PPC ads. These are adverts that pay out for each click – so every time someone clicks on an ad or watches it all the way through, they get a tiny amount of cash. But while that amount is tiny, if you can rack up thousands of views a day, then it starts to add up. If you have a YouTube...

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How to Design and Build a Best-Selling App

Making money from a mobile app is one of the most exciting passive income business models there is. With this strategy, you can sit back and watch as the money roles in as users download your app. What’s even better, is that you get the sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing it was a program you built from hand that helped you to start earning that money! It’s possible to make a lot of money from an app too! But you wouldn’t be the first person to have an idea for an app. The problem is that an awful lot of people don’t know how to go about capitalizing on that idea and making it into something that will actually make money. Read on and let’s take a look at some of the best methods and strategies for profiting from a mobile app… The Challenge The first thing to do is to make sure that your app idea is relatively simple. This is something that a lot of people get wrong: ask what their big app idea is and they’ll normally tell you it has something to do with a social network that will change the way people do [insert everyday task here]. Often hey won’t tell you what the idea entails (in case someone steals it!) and they’ll spend months and months working on it. This is...

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Can You Make a Large Passive Income From Running a Website

The best way to make passive income is to sell a digital product. This simply requires that you make or find a digital product to sell, build a ‘sales page’ from which to promote said product and then use advertising or marketing strategies in order to drive more visitors to that sales page. This is a very ‘hands off’ method of earning an income that will generate money while you’re sleeping – and you don’t even need to worry about delivering a product! But the problem is that this is limited in scope. Eventually, you are likely to exhaust the market for your product and find that the cost of advertising starts to outweigh the profit from your sales. You aren’t delivering any value to the end user, you aren’t building a relationship and at the end of the day, this is a technique that won’t last forever. And that’s why a lot of people are interested in making money from a website. That way, they can build their own brand, build a big audience and then sell products that they’re really interested in and proud of. But is it possible? Can you really generate the same kind of passive income from a website? How long will it take? Let’s find out… The Challenge There are a number of challenges that make it harder to make a passive income...

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An Introduction to Service Arbitrage

Earning a passive income may be synonymous with making money from a digital product or affiliate product but that is far from the only way you can make money while you sleep and travel. In fact, what you’ll find is that it’s actually possible to make a passive income even offline! This is something we consider a lot less often but the strategy simply involves building a business that can eventually run itself. You hire staff and you train them up to replace you, so that eventually you can run the business while having very little actual input! The same thing works online but you can get there a lot quicker by using freelancers. And this is what we call ‘arbitrage’. What is Service Arbitrage? The term arbitrage normally refers to trading and it effectively describes taking advantage of different prices in different markets. So for example, you might buy a product from one market and then sell it to another for more. This could mean stocks and shares or it could mean currency even. So what is service arbitrage? Hopefully you’ve already guessed that this means buying and selling services, while scraping off a profit for yourself. If you can find a client who is willing to pay $4 per 100 words for content writing and you can find a writing service that is willing to offer their...

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Why Dropshipping is the Ideal Business Model

No business model is quite perfect. The best model is always going to depend on the goals of the company of course, of your industry and of your resources. But while this is true, there are certainly some business models out there that come pretty close to being perfect. And probably the best example of this of all is dropshipping. Why is dropshipping so special? Let’s find out… The Problem With Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is the route that most internet marketers will take when trying to make money from a blog or a social media channel/mailing list. The idea is simple: they promote someone else’s product and then they get a profit. The problem is that these products are almost always digital products. In order to get the biggest money, that’s what you need to sell. While this has big advantages for the manufacturer, it has some significant downsides for you. For starters, the appeal of a digital product is much smaller than that of a physical product. Try and sell a digital product to your Grandma for instance and you won’t likely have much luck. The same goes for trying to sell digital products to your Mum. Probably your Dad. Probably even your friends! The other big issue with digital products is that you’re sending customers away from your site. They’ll be more likely to remember the...

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