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How to Create GREAT Products FAST

Yes, it’s awesome to give great info, but anyone – ANYONE – can do a Google search and likely get the same great info if they simply look long enough. With this secret ingredient, you can crank out one hot selling product after another. You can make mistakes in the...

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Selling Your Soul for $10

I want to talk about a ‘touchy’ subject right now. My aim isn’t to offend anyone, and I hope I don’t. But I do feel I need to go where others fear to tread, you might say, in the hopes of helping you skirt some problems that I see in our industry. Let me start with a...

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How to Double Your Sales With Cheat Sheets

How would you like to: • Show your customers you CARE • Make yourself MORE sales • Reduce your refund rate on affiliate products • Let your customers know you GENUINELY recommend a product (and you’re not just trying to make a commission) • Help your customers achieve...

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Shopify Alternatives

Shopify is certainly the most popular shopping cart solution, but it’s not the right one for everybody. There are cheaper alternatives out there that are just as good, if not better. While Shopify is user friendly, beautiful and offers great support, it’s also...

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