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Author: Danitra

How Working Online Will Change You

How Working Online Will Change You Lots of articles have been written about the kind of person who becomes a blogger or an SEO, and the ways that you can make yourself better at blogging or running a website. What is less often discussed however, is how working online can actually change who you are as a person and influence your personal development. There are many ways that this can happen and a number of common effects that blogging can have on your personality and your attitudes. Read on to meet the person you might become… How Jobs Impact On Us I used to proudly claim that I hadn’t changed, because I became a blogger and never bowed down to the man. I have no colleagues as a blogger meaning that there was no one for me to become ‘more alike’, but this in itself can have an effect on you. And likewise, working from home and earning passive income has probably had some impact on me too. Blogging/optimizing changes you just like any other job, only it changes you differently. Once I was self-aware enough to recognize this, I set about finding out what had changed about me. Here’s what I came up with… Care Free I would say that compared to my other friends, I am more carefree and less restricted. While my friends have to work...

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Digital Marketing Lifestyle Resource Sheet

Digital Marketing Lifestyle Resource Sheet Want to be a digital marketer and lead the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of? Then you need to change the way you approach it. It’s time to stop thinking about making money fast and instead, time to think about having fun making money. And alsoenjoying the money when you have it. There are several resources that can help you to achieve that, so to continue your education, seek out these books! The E-Myth Revisited Book The problem with many entrepreneurs is that they start their businesses with a completely false notion of what life will be like once they do. They set out thinking they will live the ‘American Dream’ and start making lots of money from a single idea. Reality doesn’t quite work that way. And if you really want to be successful, then you need to realize this going in. This book will help you to understand rules that apply to any small business. The Four Hour Workweek Book This book by Tim Ferriss is one of the absolute classics when it comes to working online and managing your work-life balance. This is one of the books I recommend to anyone starting out online and it’s an incredible wake-up call for many who have ended up stuck in jobs they don’t love. It’s about lifestyle design: about working to live and...

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How to Cost-Effectively Advertise Your YouTube Live Streams in Relevant Social Networks

Now that you know how to develop an optimized YouTube Live campaign – The next thing you must learn is to cost-effectively use relevant social networks to promote your live video stream airings. Remember, you should try to hit the following objectives for your YouTube Live campaign and social media promotions: • Captivate your target audience at the social networks where they hang out; • Entice them to check out your live stream schedules and be notified of your airings in real time by subscribing to your YouTube channel or your mailing list; • Engage them with your content; • Compel them to participate in active live chat discussions during your live stream; and • Give them more than enough reason to opt-in to your latest deals and share your content to their peers! How exactly can you do that? Here are some detailed steps to help you out: 12-Step Guide on How to Promote Your YouTube Live Streams in Relevant Social Networks STEP 1. Use the details in your competitor analytics data, prospect partner shortlist and ideal customer profile to identify the social networks where your target audience hangs out. You’ll be able to pinpoint the social networks that are driving targeted traffic to the Web properties of your competitors and prospect partners. You’ll also be able to confirm if your target audience is part of the traffic...

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How to Avoid the Biggest Problems in Your YouTube Live Campaigns

At this point, I’m sure you already know how to properly create a YouTube Live stream. You’ve also probably memorized the things that you can do to tweak your live video airings. Optimizing your campaigns might also be something that you’ve already learned by now. You might have even tried this a few times just to get it right. Now – Imagine losing all the time and energy that you’ve invested in your YouTube Live stream! How can that happen? Simple – If you don’t know the biggest problems that you can encounter in your YouTube Live campaigns, then how can you possibly avoid these issues? How can you prepare to fix them just in case you run into these potential show stoppers? What Are the Most Serious YouTube Live Campaign Issues? Since there’s a significant possibility that you could stumble into some of the biggest problems in using YouTube Live to promote your business – In this video, I’ll point out and explain each of these issues to you. You’ll also learn little known preventive measures and troubleshooting tips in this video! So let’s start – Here are the most serious problems that might happen with your YouTube Live campaigns: 1. Poor Content Quality – This issue is mainly caused by low quality data about your ideal customers and prospects. The main effect of this problem is low...

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How to Optimize the Results of Your YouTube Live Marketing Campaigns

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead with a YouTube Live stream, you’ll need to make sure that you’ll be able to get the best results from your campaign. I’ll walk you through the little known tactics that can improve the overall results of your live video marketing efforts. Remember, many of your ideal customers and prospects are most likely included in the more than 1 billion YouTube users out there! So, let’s start out by squaring away some basic stuff. Once we get these things out of the way, you’ll be able to better focus on your YouTube Live campaigns. How Can You Create an Ideal Customer Profile? 1. You need to really know your target audience before you create YouTube Live streams. Don’t do anything else before you create a profile of your ideal customers! • A basic profile should include the gender, age, location and relevant interests of your target audience; • Start from those details, and gradually work your way to more specific information about your ideal customers and prospects; and • Find out where they’re hanging out online, what they’re exactly looking for in relation to your content, the apps and tools that they regularly use on the Internet, how they react and what they expect from an online video that’s relevant to their interests. 2. You should also create a profile of your...

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