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Author: Danitra

Remember Your Content Speaks Volumes about Your Brand’s Value

I remember the first time I got into affiliate marketing. I ran into an online community and it seems like everybody was in agreement. It felt like I was in a chorus. Everybody kept saying the same things. Everybody kept recommending the same things. As you can well imagine, when I started more than a decade ago, the common refrain was “Content is king.” You keep hearing it over and over again. “Content is king.” Some people even exaggerate and say that “Content is emperor.” That was all I needed to hear and I cranked out a tremendous amount of content. I don’t mean to brag but I’m a pretty decent writer. So, I found all my target keywords and I just blasted out as much content as I could based on those keywords. The materials that I produced were highly readable; they addressed certain issues; they spoke to the needs of my intended readers. I thought I did everything right. I thought everything was in the right place. I thought that I put in the right amount of time, effort, and focus on a solid and comprehensive online publishing strategy. This is why I was really disappointed when after publishing my one thousandth article, I realized that I wasn’t making much money at all. All that time, effort, and energy seemed wasted. As you can well imagine, I...

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How to Build a High Ticket Brand

One of the hottest segments in the affiliate marketing niche is high ticket sales. Affiliate marketers who focus on high ticket sales are able to make more money off the time, effort, and resources they would normally invest in any other kind of affiliate product promotion or the promotion of their own products. High ticket sales maximize reward. This is crucial. Let me be clear. If you’re going to put in a certain amount of time, effort, and dollars in affiliate marketing, wouldn’t you want a maximum return on your investment? This is a key question every marketer should ask himself or herself. Otherwise, it’s very easy to find yourself putting in all this time and effort only to settle for crumbs. That’s exactly what you’re doing with online publishing, Kindle book production, or any other way you use to make money and/or drive traffic. You want to work less yet earn more. Unfortunately, a lot of people are clueless regarding this and this is why they do affiliate marketing the same way as everybody else. It is no surprise that majority of affiliate marketers are simply settling for crumbs. I know that sounds harsh. I know that it seems like an uncharitable way to do it, but it’s also the most accurate depiction of what’s going on. If you think about it, you are putting in all this...

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Paying your dues in high ticket sales marketing is worth it… up to a certain point

Let me be clear: There are many shortcuts out there. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to get into. Maybe you’re trying to run a marathon. Maybe you’re trying to become a competitor in an iron man race. Maybe you are trying to get into law school or medical school. Maybe you’re trying to pick up better looking members of the opposite sex. Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, there is always a shortcut. You can take this to the bank. If you look hard enough and if you do your homework, there will always be a shortcut. Now, just because a shortcut exists doesn’t mean you have to automatically take it. There is a tremendous amount of value in learning how to do things the hard way first. This is called paying your dues. You have to pay your dues. If you’re starting a job or you’re starting out at school or you are starting out in a relationship, you have to first pay your dues. When you pay your dues, you figure out how things work. You get an understanding of the basic principles behind whatever it is you’re doing. You learn how everything fits together. After you have become comfortable with a clear working understanding of how everything normally works and the general process in which everything normally works, then and only then should...

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Creating sales funnels for rich people is very different from general marketing

Too many marketers fail. There, I said it. I know it’s an inconvenient truth. But I have to say it. It is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that people simply refuse to see. It is an obvious fact. But people are so uncomfortable about it, they’d rather not talk about it. In fact, they’d rather pretend it doesn’t exist. Well, here’s the problem. If you refuse to see the possibility of you failing, you will make the same mistakes that other failed marketers are making. You will end up in the same place they’re in right now. It’s easy to visualize making thousands of dollars every single month through affiliate marketing. In fact, a lot of affiliate marketers are able to generate this amount of money. They are experts at online marketing and they are able to convert online traffic into cold, hard cash. The problem is a lot of affiliate marketers are doing it the wrong way. They are playing a volume game. They look for products that pay $5 or $10, or even $50 if they’re lucky, and pop a lot of traffic to pages that will try to convert visitors into buyers of those products. So far, so good, right? Well, what if I told you that you can be making so much more money targeting a totally different market? You don’t have to...

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The Top 5 Time Management Apps for Entrepreneurs

Your time, as an entrepreneur, is valuable. Every minute you waste looking for your to-do list is a minute that youÕre not earning money and building your business. Rather than hiring an assistant to help you keep track of your time, why not try one of these five time management apps for entrepreneurs. Todoist Todoist is an app that recognizes that not every task on your to-do list is equally important. You can create multiple products for different aspects of your life and business. As you add items to your agenda, you can set priority levels and due dates. Todoist will then show you the essential tasks with the nearest due date first. Toggl Toggl is an app that shows you how much time different tasks take to complete. This is the perfect time tracking app for entrepreneurs. Toggl allows you to track various activities with the touch of a button, then adds up how much time you are spending on that activity each day, week, and month. This can allow entrepreneurs to know their average hourly profitability for each client and task. RescueTime RescueTime can help you stop distractions once and for all. It runs securely in the background of all your devices and tracks how much time you spend on different websites and applications throughout the day. It will give you an accurate picture of how long...

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