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Author: Danitra

5 Great Ways To Monetize Your Vlog

A lot of vloggers make a full time income from their vlog. What could be sweeter than doing something you love and receiving a good income from it? So how do they do this? Well there are a number of different ways which we will discuss in this article. YouTube Partner and Google Adsense One of the easiest things that you can do to monetize your vlog is to become a YouTube Partner and use Google Adsense ads with your videos. There are some specific requirements that you have to meet to become a YouTube Partner and these change often so go to the appropriate support page to find out what they are at the moment. If you don’t know what Google Adsense is then it is best explained as showing relevant ads that people pay for under the Google Adwords programs. These ads are usually in the form of banners, and if someone clicks on the ad then Google (YouTube) gets paid and so do you. Google Adsense on your videos is certainly not going to make you rich. Promote Affiliate Products Let’s say that you have a successful vlog about makeup. In your videos you show your audience how to do great things to make them look beautiful and you also review specific cosmetics, perfumes and so on. So get paid for doing this! Just find a...

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How To Grow Your YouTube Vlog Channel

There are many steps that you can take to grow your YouTube vlog channel. We are going to discuss some of the best ways to do that in this article. When you start a vlog, growing your channel should be your number one aim. So use these techniques for more subscribers. Add your Social Media Profiles You can link your social media profiles to your YouTube channel. When you do this they will be visible on the top right of your channel. You can also add a link to your website or blog if you have one too. This is a simple but effective way to create more engagement with your audience. Some of them are going to want to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your own website. So don’t deprive them of this opportunity. Complete the “About” Section for your Channel When people are visiting your vlog channel a number of them will check out your “About” tab. If there is nothing there they will be disappointed. Tell people why you started the vlog and how you want to help them. Let them know how regularly you will post new videos. Tell your audience where you are from and how they can contact you via email. Create a Striking Channel Thumbnail Did you know that you can create your own channel thumbnail? Well you can and...

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How To Promote Your YouTube Vlog Channel

So you have set up your YouTube vlog channel with great channel art and uploaded some high quality optimized videos that your audience wants. What more can you do to promote your YouTube vlog channel? Well quite a lot actually. In this article we will show you some great ways to get the word out about your vlog. Ask your Friends and Family to Share and Subscribe This is a great place to start. Make a list of everyone that you know and then contact them using either social media or email and tell them that you have a new YouTube vlog channel. Ask them to do you a favour by subscribing to the channel, watching a few of the videos and then sharing some of the content on social media. It is really hard to get your first 100 subscribers so ask your friends and family to go into bat for you. Be upfront with them and tell them that they will help you to achieve this first important milestone. Ask them to encourage their friends and family to help too. Use your Social Media Profiles to tell everyone about your Vlog Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days so no matter how many friends you have, post your videos and ask them to visit your vlog channel, watch some videos, subscribe and share with their friends....

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Tell Viewers What To Do In Your Videos

You want your vlog to be a success and make a lot of money from it don’t you? Well you need to tell people what you want them to do in your videos. Why do you need to do this? If you don’t tell people what to do online most of them will leave without doing anything. You may find that hard to believe but it’s true. These days’ people have the attention span of a gnat. They live life at the fastest pace possible and will often use YouTube as a way to find something out and then leave after watching without doing anything else. Putting an external link in the description means nothing. You need to tell them to click on it and what’s in it for them when they do. Tell Viewers to Enable Notifications In the past all you had to do was to subscribe to a channel to receive notifications of new videos. YouTube has changed the rules here and now viewers need to enable notifications as well. So tell your viewers that if they liked your video and want more then enabling notifications will ensure this. Ask your Visitors to Subscribe, Like and Share Yes this is obvious, but in each video you should tell your viewers to subscribe to your vlog channel if they haven’t done this already, give the video a...

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Vlog Today

If you are thinking about starting a vlog but are not totally convinced yet then this article will explain the best reasons for starting one. A vlog is a big commitment so you need to be determined and constantly motivated to start one and keep it going with new content. So take a look at these powerful reasons for starting a vlog. People Like Videos and what is happening in Other People’s Lives The rise in popularity of vlogs should not come as much of a surprise to most of you. There have been several studies that confirm people would much rather watch a video then read text on a website. Also people like to know what is going on in other people’s lives. The viewing figures for reality TV certainly show this. So here you have a powerful combination at work. The power of video combined with the power of curiosity. Yes people like to know what celebrities are doing but they are also interested in how other ordinary people live their lives. So give them what they want. Vlogging is Fun Well vlogging certainly should be fun. If it isn’t fun for you then don’t do it. With a vlog you have the opportunity to share your life experiences, your knowledge and a lot of other things with people all over the world that you have never...

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