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Month: April 2019

Ten Tips for Avoiding Temptation

No matter what goals you’re trying to achieve in your life, there will always be temptations to stray from those goals. If you’re prepared for avoiding temptation, you can create a plan that will get you through and help you stick to your goals. Let’s look at the ten tips for avoiding temptation that will help you reach success. Know Your Goals – It cannot be stated enough how important it is to write out your goals in a very specific way. What exactly do you want to achieve? Describe it in as much detail as you can so that you know what type of work will go into it. Give Them a Deadline – When you set a goal, don’t leave it without a time to finish it and experience success. Instead, set deadlines for each goal that you create, and even smaller goals in between the big ones so that you can note progress as it’s happening. Know Your Why – For the most part, your goals will inform your why. For example, if you have a goal to set up a new website in 90 days, why? Do you need it because you’re having a new launch? If you want to lose 15 pounds this year, how much do you want to lose each week or month and why did you pick that number? Those details...

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How Self-Discipline Benefits You at Work and When You Study

Out of everything you learned as a kid growing up, self-discipline is probably one of the most vital skills. If you have learned this lesson, you’ll reap the benefits your entire life by reaching for and meeting your goals more easily. Plus, you will be living your life at full blast because you won’t have as much stress. You Won’t Be Impulsive – When you are able to control your own impulses, you tend to make much better decisions because you’re willing to stop and think before doing so. That means you’ll have fewer things to be sorry about at work or school. You won’t skip studying to go out and party; you won’t quit working on a project to hang out with friends; and you will get things done because you won’t create unneeded drama caused by impulsiveness. You Know Your Priorities – A self-disciplined person is very aware of the priorities they have each day. They are prepared and look over everything in plenty of time to arrange their day to meet those priorities. You Will Meet Your Obligations – Let’s be clear. Meeting obligations feels good. It’s not a downer or a drag on your life. When you follow through and do something at work or school (or life) that is important, it feels good, and you want to do it again.Reduces Procrastination – Procrastination is...

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Viral PDF Case Study: 160,000 New Subscribers

Joanne uses this strategy to get 440 opt-ins… Per day… With zero ad cost. She gives away a free 35 page report with a provocative headline that catches plenty of attention. Two years after writing the report, she still gets 160,000 new subscribers a year just from the viral report alone, without doing anything. Of those 160,000 new subscribers, about 9% make their first purchase within 3 months. That’s 14,400 new sales with an average first order of $88. Total revenue: $1,267,200. And that only includes initial sales. The real money comes with repeat buyers. Her current time investment? None. Her cost? Zero. What are Joanne’s secrets to making this work? She offers great content that people want, and she offers giveaway rights to everyone who gets her report. That means they can give the report away, sell it, use it to build their list or do whatever they want, as long as they don’t change the report. And she gives her customers branding rights to the report, so they can earn commissions when people purchase from the links inside the report. But only customers can insert affiliate links and make money. And you can create reports just like this that promote affiliate products, your products, your services or anything you like. You can get free traffic and sales, your content shared, recognition, trust and credibility. Viral marketing is...

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