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Month: April 2019

Lumpy Mail, Cory Rudl And Chocolates

You may have heard of lumpy mail – it’s an actual piece of mail you get in your actual real life mailbox, but there’s something unusual about it. For example, instead of a flat envelope, it’s a lumpy envelope with a toy, calendar, trinket, tape measure, balloon or something inside that makes it stand out from the rest of the mail. Imagine you come home from work and there’s 6 or 8 pieces of mail in your mailbox, but one of them is lumpy. Which one are you going to open first? Sometimes lumpy mail is a big envelope and sometimes it’s a package. But in all cases, lumpy mail is from a business, and its job is to attract your attention. You’ve probably read that it’s a good idea to send actual real mail to your best customers, and you’ve maybe even been told about how effective lumpy mail is. But you probably didn’t think it was worth your time. Guess again, because it is. Recently, I launched a new product, and I wanted to do something different. I decided to send out t-shirts to all of my affiliates prior to launch. My affiliates LOVED getting something in the mail from me. Many of them sent me pics of them wearing the shirts, which of course we put up on the affiliate page. And the promotion was a...

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7 Ways To Get $299 Product Ideas In 10 Minutes

Hopefully by now you are starting to create your own products. After all, one $50 product that you sell once a week will earn you an extra $2600 a year. Sell it once a day and you’ll make $18,250. Make a $299 product and sell one per day, and you’ll make $109,135 a year. Get the picture? So, tell me, have you got a product you can sell for $100 to $1,000 yet? If not, or if you want another one, here are 7 ways to get ideas for products you can sell for serious money. Method One: Get Ideas from People Already Doing It This might sound like cheating, but it’s one heck of a good shortcut. Get on every mailing list and pay attention to every product launch in your niche. Find out what’s selling, how well it’s selling, what’s great about the product and what needs improving. Your goal is to find something that is working well and then create your own version that is even better. Find your own unique selling point – a way for it to stand apart from anything else out there. Remember, no copying and no plagiarism. You’re not stealing, but you’re not reinventing the wheel, either. Simply find out what is selling, and then find a way to make it even better. Method Two: Do a Google Search for Webinars...

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Sneaky Email Trick You’re Gonna Love

Some of the very best marketing techniques are also the simplest. And you won’t find them in courses or articles, either. They’re passed by word of mouth from one successful marketer to another, often over a pint (or three) of beer in the later hours of a marketing conference. I had the privilege of attending one of those conferences recently. And while the content from the speakers was excellent, the real value came after hours. I was sitting with a group six people from the conference in the hotel bar. We were at a back table, winding down from 10 hours straight of session after session. We’d networked and listened and taken notes all day, gulping down lunch and then going back for more. And frankly, we were exhausted. We weren’t even talking about marketing, probably because we were all too burned out. I think we were talking about sports or maybe politics, when one of the guys blurted out that he should have been a speaker at the conference. Okay, between you and me, he maybe had a few too many beers at that point. But I thought I would humor him, so I asked why he thought he should be a speaker. And he told me it was, ‘Because he was a @%#$ genius,’ or something like that. Everyone at the table was laughing and poking each...

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How To Make The Google Answer Box Yours

The keyboard and mouse may one day disappear, much like telegraphs and typewriters. By 2020, 30% of web-browsing will be done without a screen, via voice. And with a voice search, your inquiry received a single answer, determined by what’s in Google’s answer box. Your job is to BE that answer. What is Google’s Answer Box? On the search engine results page, that box at the top is what Google has decided is the best answer to the search. It’s positioned above the organic results, and might be called, “featured snippet,” “instant answer” or “position zero.” It stands out on the page not only because it’s first, but also because the font is larger, it’s highlighted, and the answer text is above the blue link. Voice searchers here an excerpt in the answer box read aloud to them. And conventional searchers see the answer box in the top position on the page. If your content is in this box, you’re going to get the most traffic from that query. With no featured snippet, 26% of clicks go to the first URL. With a featured snippet, 8.6% of clicks go to the featured snippet, and 19.6% go to the first URL, for a total of 28.2%. Snippet or no snippet, you want that first position. How do You Become Google’s Snippet Answer? 1: Do Keyword Research What questions do your...

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Living a Life of Significance

Living a life of significance is the foundation to a successful thriving business. It’s all about deepening your compassion and ability to understand others. Let’s say that two entrepreneurs start businesses on the same day in the same industry. One entrepreneur is out to make a good profit and sell his business in 10 to 20 years so he can retire on the beach. The second entrepreneur has a vision of helping his hometown by bringing back jobs and pride to the community. He’s lived in this small town his entire life and knows almost everyone. He’s seen his neighbors and friends – and even his dad – suffer when first the mill, and then the factory shut down. He’s seen the stores on main street close one by one. He’s seen the fire go out of people’s eyes as they struggled just to make ends meet. And he wants to change all that. His new business has the potential to completely revitalize the town and give jobs to everyone who wants them. He can see the stores on main street reopening, the restaurants full of happy customers again, and neighbors and friends excitedly greeting each other when they meet on the street. One entrepreneur is building his business for himself. The other is building his business for his entire community. Who is going to wake up with a...

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