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Month: February 2019

One-to-One Coaching Works the Best Once You have Developed a Premium Brand

The first time I got interested in online coaching, I met a lot of different people. A lot of these individuals were well on their way to developing an online coaching business. “So far, so good”, I thought to myself. It turned out that a lot of the people I was rubbing shoulders with digitally were basically walking the wrong path. They had all the wrong ideas on how to build and run a successful online coaching business. In fact, for the longest time, I struggled with my own coaching business because I absorbed a lot of their ideas. One of the most confusing and toxic ideas that I subscribed to was the idea that I should recruit as many clients for one-on-one coaching. In theory, this made a lot of sense because, let’s face it, if you want to learn from somebody, the best way to do so is to have that person right in front of you. While that person is talking, you can engage that person and ask questions that mean I lot to you. Maybe there are a lot of materials that don’t make sense to you. Perhaps this person is skipping certain important materials. Whatever the case may be the fact that they’re in front of you enables you to ask questions in real-time so they can engage with you in such a way...

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Social Media is Indispensable for Coaching Business Success

A lot of people who run businesses are under the impression that there is a dividing wall between offline and online businesses. They can understand the value of online promotions provided that these promotions go to an online business. They can see the effect of promotions on businesses like However, they are flat-out stumped when it comes to the connection between online promotions and purely local brick-and-mortar businesses. Make no mistake regardless of whether your business is completely online, offline or somewhere in between, you need social media. I did not say that social media is an option. I did not to say that you want social media. I did not say that social media would be nice to have. I’m talking about you needing social media. That’s right. Your business must view social media as an absolute necessity. Make no mistake. It is in dispensable for the success of your online coaching business. The sooner you realize this and the sooner you can wrap your mind around this, the sooner you will get on the road to eventual success. Just how powerful can social media exposure be? What exactly does social media popularity offer your personal coaching brand? Well, it’s a good idea to review just how viral social media is. Believe it or not, even if you have a fairly small following-maybe less than 500 souls...

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Enhancing Your Market Value through Controversy

One of the most powerful ways to become a recognized expert in your industry is to confront controversies head on. That’s right. Instead of turning around and running in the opposite direction because you don’t want to go out on a limb and take controversial positions, take full advantage of controversy. Don’t get me wrong. Regardless of how seemingly harmless and innocent or esoteric your niche is, you can bet that there will always be areas for disagreement. This comes with the territory. After all, you are engaging in an activity that involves human beings. Last time I checked whenever there are at least two human beings in a room, there is always the possibility of disagreement. People will always fail to see eye to eye at least on certain issues. Instead of thinking that this is a negative and trying to avoid it as much possible, look at it look for what it is. There are endless possibilities and opportunities for disagreements both big and small. Controversy is always lurking around the corner. It is an opportunity because any kind of controversy is really an opportunity for you to speak up and demonstrate to the rest of the world why you are an expert. You break down why you view certain things about your industry a certain way. This doesn’t mean that people would have to agree with...

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