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Month: January 2018

How to Present Yourself Like a Top Blogger for a Strong personal Brand

If you want to be a top blogger, then you need to make sure that you can inspire others to follow you. Being a top blogger means being an influencer and a thought leader and it means having a channel – in this case a website – that people rely on and trust. Part of this comes down to the way that you present yourself. Many of the most successful blogs in the world are led by a strong ‘personal brand’, meaning that there’s a personality behind them that people feel that they know and that people want to be inspired by. Just think of the likes of Tim Ferriss, or of Pat Flynn. What Is a Personal Brand? If you ‘live the lifestyle’ that you are promoting through your blog, then you can become a living testimony to the value of what you’re offering and this will help other people to put more trust in you and to want to listen to you more. For example, if you have a fitness brand, then you should try to demonstrate to your audience that you are someone who is in great shape and who has fun doing it. You want to show how being fit and healthy makes you happier, more successful in business and more successful with members of the opposite sex. Likewise, if you blog about travel, then...

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Hot to Take Amazing Photos for Your Blog

One of the biggest challenges in running a highly successful blog is always finding amazing images to accompany your posts. If you take a look at any of the top blogs in your niche, you’ll see that they all have beautiful imagery to go with the text. This jumps out and makes the posts really stand out and it helps the posts to look much more professional as well. So how can you get that kind of imagery for your own blog? One of the most common options is to invest in stock imagery. This usually means paying a fee for each image or for access to the whole site for a limited time. But this has problems. Firstly, it means you’re paying for the images which will eat into your profits and limit how many pictures you can use. Secondly, it means that the images were taken especially for your posts – which means they won’t quite fit the blog. If you can take beautiful photos yourself on the other hand, then you can fill your site with images that will inspire, that will perfectly match the content and that you have got an endless supply of. So how do you take great photos as a blogger? Here are some top tips. The Camera Of course, it’s a good idea to get a great camera if you can...

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Why Having a Consistent Message is Crucial for Your Online Brand

A great brand should meet many criteria: it should not only be memorable, but it should also be likeable. It’s not enough for it to just be unique, it should also be easy to understand. And one of the most important things of all is for it to be consistent. What do I mean by consistency? Well essentially I mean that you should be delivering the same message across all platforms and that you should be constantly reiterating this point. Your company should have one overarching goal, one set of principles and one thing for which it is known, and if you can accomplish this then you will greatly improve your chances of success. The Importance of Consistency So why is this so important? Well let’s imagine for a minute a company that is in no way consistent. This company might sell books about gardening for instance, but it might also sell car parts. Now this is a confusing message right away to be giving and it’s one that will make it hard for them to market. Where would such a company market themselves? And who precisely would be the main demographic? Rather than targeting one audience you’d be targeting two, and the existence of the other part of your business would only serve to confuse your customers. Likewise, who would want to invest in such a company that...

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How to Promote Blog Posts Like Products

Using SEO is a fantastic way to bring people to your site, and by writing great content, building lots of links and designing your site in a spider-friendly way you can get a lot more traffic from visitors who are looking for the information or the service you provide. On its own though SEO can only do so much, and is only one form of promotion. When marketing anything you need to have something to sell, and you need to make sure that your offering stands out among the crowd and piques attention. This is the way you need to be thinking when you’re trying to promote your site, and it’s what can really make the difference between a site people can find, and one that people can get excited about. In short, you need to start viewing your articles as products and that means that you should be doing everything you can to ‘sell’ each one in the same way a business tries to sell any item or service. Here we will look at how you can go about selling your site products and how this can help you set your site apart. The Title When you try and sell an e-book through a website or a course, usually you will use a landing page that will utilize a sales script to try and make people buy what...

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How to Get Much More From Your Content

Content makes the web go round. People go to websites because they want to read something or watch something, whether that is to be entertained, to learn something or to look up some information. That means content and therefore content = traffic. Seeing as traffic also = money, that means that content is pretty valuable for your site. So, if you’re posting articles once and then forgetting all about them, then you’re missing out. Writing content takes time, hiring people to write content for you costs money… so make sure you are making maximum ROI! Revisit If you follow Tim Ferriss on social media, you’ll find he regularly shares old posts with his audience to remind them about that content and to get them to head back to his site. Remember: only 10% of your Facebook followers (or something like that) will see each post from your page. You need to keep posting to engage your entire readership and chances are you don’t have enough content to really keep that up. Instead then, why not remind your followers of old content and show them posts they may have missed? Especially if your site has been around a long time! Promotion SEO will help people find your articles, but you should also try and promote your content and generate hype for it in the same way that Apple might generate...

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