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Month: January 2017

Why You Need to Capture Leads, Not Sales

If your goal is to generate passive income, then you might well be hoping to accomplish that by selling a product. This could be a product you’ve made, or it might be a product that you are promoting as an affiliate marketer. Either way, you’ll likely have set up a sales page, creating an ad campaign to send visitors there and then hopefully begun to rake in the profits! The problem is that it can be tough going trying to convince people who visit your page to buy. Your success in this endeavour comes down almost entirely to your conversions – the percentage of visitors that end up buying from you. And to this end, many marketers will jump straight in with the ‘hard sell’. That means that they’ll heavily push all the positives of their product and try to get the visitor to click ‘buy’ as soon as they get there. This doesn’t tend to work. Although you probably want to make your sales process as simple and automated as possible, it’s absolutely essential that you don’t try and go straight in for the kill. Far more effective is to try to capture leads first instead. Here’s why… Why Cold Sales Don’t Work Just because you’re making money passively, that does not mean that you should be impatient about how you are collecting your sales. If you try...

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What to Expect From Passive Income

Passive income is what a lot of people think of as ‘living the dream’. If you’re earning a passive income, that means that you’re making money from a website, a digital product or an affiliate product that you previously set-up. Now you can sit back and relax while the money comes pouring in! Potentially you can scale this business to become very wealthy but either way, you get to benefit from no longer trading your time for money! But is it really like that? Are you really heading for a life-time of making money while you relax on beautiful yachts? This is Not a Get a Rich Quick Scheme! Maybe. But the first thing to acknowledge is that this is in no way a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. This is not a method you can use to make money without putting in the equivalent amount of work and time up-front. You are still working for your income, the only difference is that you’ve done this work ‘up-front’ as it were. The other thing to recognize is that this takes a lot of time and a lot of trial and error. In the vast majority of cases, you should not expect to be making hundreds of dollars a day for a long time to come. Instead, it will take time, work and a lot of patience to eventually get to...

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Top Passive Income Business Models

Making money while you sleep or travel the world might sound like a dream to a lot of people but this is one of those dreams that can become a reality thanks to the transformative power of the web. To earn a passive income, all you need to do is set up a system that allows you to sell products without having to put in any work to create and deliver said products. That could mean that you’re selling a digital product such as an ebook for example, or it might mean that you’re selling a product on behalf of another company – acting as an affiliate. It could even mean making money from advertising. And there are a surprisingly large number of ways you can do this. Read on to discover some of the best methods you can use to make passive income and how they each work… Sell an Ebook From a Sales Page Creating an ebook is a simple matter of choosing a subject and then writing about it in a Word document. You can then save that document as a PDF file and start selling it from your website. If you don’t have the necessary writing ability, knowledge or patience to write an ebook though, then you can simply outsource this process by hiring a writer from a site like UpWork or Elance. Add an...

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The Nuts and Bolts of Affiliate Marketing – How it Really Works

Almost every digital entrepreneur is familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing, even if it is not their main business model. It’s one of the most popular ways to make money online, even as a side income and it’s a very simple concept. This is effectively a business model where you act as a sales person in order to earn commission and by selling digital products, you can often stand to make up to 70% of the profit! But how does it really work? Is it water-tight? Do you always get the money you’re owed? And how are the creators benefiting from giving away such a big slice of the pie? Let’s take a closer look at affiliate marketing and precisely how it works… How it Works Affiliate marketing essentially works via cookies. Marketers (that’s you) are given a unique referrer URL that they can use to send potential customers to a seller’s website. When they click that URL, they are briefly redirected to another site, where a cookie will be stored on their computer via their browser. This cookie will then inform the seller that you were the one who sent them and that in turn will ensure that you make a profit and money will be credited to an account you have with that site. Why are creators willing to give away such a large share of...

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How to Sell Anything to Anyone, Online or Offline

Sales experience and talent is something that pretty much every business looks for in its staff. Being able to sell is an incredibly valuable skill and something that will allow you to pretty much make money wherever you are and whatever your product is. This is true in person but it’s also true online. In fact, most of the highest paid jobs online involve little more than sales. ‘Affiliate marketing’ literally means you are promoting and selling the products of other creators. This is just like being a door-to-door salesman, except you now have a door to the entire world. If you know how to use the web and you know how to sell… then there is an absolute fortune to be made! But is this a skill that you can learn? Is sales technique something you just have to be born with innately? Let’s take a closer look and find out… The Most Powerful Key to Selling – Pre-Suasion While there are many different nuances and factors involved in selling, perhaps the most important thing to consider of all is the powerful role of ‘presuasion’. Presuasion essentially describes the fact that you don’t tend to sell at the point of the sale. The moment you close the sale is very important of course but this isn’t the point at which the buyer will make that decision and it’s...

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