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Month: October 2016

5 Easy Things You Need To Be Doing To Make More Money Online

Want to increase your online income? Swap those bytes for dollars? Gone have the days of the [dot] com boom, and don’t forget the bust. But is it still easy to make money on the Internet? We share with you 5 Easy things you need to be doing to increase your online income. Putting an ad into the back of the local newspaper is literally old news. You need to Connect with your customers in the correct way and drive traffic to you. It sounds obvious right? To increase your online income you need to advertise, spend a penny...

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How to Write Compelling Copy for Store Listings

Selling products on an ecommerce store as opposed to through a sales page is quite different. On a sales page, you only have one product and you are doing everything you can to make it sound appealing and like a great decision. In an ecommerce store however, you have multiple products and your aim is more to get your visitors to buy something. This means it is actually counter-intuitive to make one item sound too perfect, in case it would be easier for you to convince them to buy something else. It also means you won’t have the space or the time to write a massively long diatribe all about the benefits of your one item. But that said, there are still some similarities between these two modes of selling and there are still some ways in which your sales pitch is going to be similar. Ultimately, this is still a form of persuasive writing. So how do you go about effective persuasive writing? Read on and we’ll look at some good strategies that can help you to ensure your success… People are in a hurry these days and this is especially true when they’re online. As a general rule, they simply don’t have time to spend ages sifting through products and if you don’t get to the point quickly, they’re going to look elsewhere. This is why 99%...

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How to Find Products to Sell in Your Ecommerce Store

If you want to create an ecommerce store, then the first thing you’re going to need to do is decide precisely what you’re going to sell. You can’t have a shop without products and thus many people will mistakenly assume that this business model is not available to them. So the question then becomes: how do you find products you can sell in your ecommerce store? Do you need to own a highstreet store? Read on and we’ll look at numerous options available to you and the business models that go with them. Sell Things You Already Have One option is to sell products you already have. This is the best option if you own a high-street store as it means that you can expand your potential market and not have to invest any more money. Better yet is the fact that many EPOS systems (electronic point of sale) can integrate ecommerce tracking so that you can track all your products through one single system. Buying and Selling If you don’t already have inventory though, then you might decide to buy some products that you can sell instead. This is a strategy that can work well but only as long as you are able to get the products more cheaply than you’re selling them. Often this will mean buying in wholesale, though there are other strategies you can use...

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Case Study Lesson From a Car Boot Sale That You Can Apply to Your Ecommerce Store

Recently, I was at a car boot sale and was selling old items out of the trunk. The aim was just to make a little bit of money from things I had around the house that weren’t getting much use. What I hadn’t anticipated was just what a great learning opportunity this would be or how many lessons I would pick up that could be directly related back to ecommerce. Here are some of the top things I learned that you can try applying to your own online business. Sometimes Professional Doesn’t Work Best I had been selling for a while and had been quite successful, despite the fact that my items were arranged pretty much randomly and without much thought. At this point, the guy at the stall next to me told me to try tidying my items up and presenting them in a more professional manner. Guess what? Sales slowed the minute I took his advice! So what was going on? Why would a less professional stall sell better? The answer is simple: people thought that if I wasn’t a ‘pro’ at this, then they would stand a better chance of finding a good deal. In this case, looking like the underdog was actually a helpful thing. This will apply only in some cases when it comes to ecommerce. You want to look professional to build trust...

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Seven Common Web Design Mistakes

When it comes to creativity, web designers have it in spades. But, can too much of a good thing be all bad? Below are seven design mistakes that could turn folks away from your website. Look at Me! That’s what you want your website to say, but without blinding the audience. Business websites are looking for a unique way to announce their presence that gets the attention of viewers and keeps it. At first glance, they are interested, but what they find upon further observation may cause them to think twice. Avoid ushering them in, only to push them back out with what they see. Seven Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with the Design of Your Website 1. Poor navigational skills On your part, that is, not that of the viewer. The first thing anyone wants to know when they visit your website is how to get around. They need a map. Place site maps in conspicuous places. Also, headings need to be prominent and self-explanatory. And when visitors can’t get past the home page, they leave altogether. 2. Illegible font It might seem cool to use a gothic style font on a Halloween website for effect, but those who are trying to read it won’t think so. If viewers stumble over your content for ten minutes trying to figure out what it says, they will take their...

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